Yahoo! Europe chief Martina King leaves after five-year stint

Martina King, the managing director of country operations at Yahoo! Europe, has resigned after five years with the company.

She is expected to leave at the end of June. The company is looking for a replacement.

After four years as the managing director of Yahoo! UK and Ireland, King was promoted in early 2003 to the European role with a brief to export learnings from the UK to other markets. Fru Hazlitt, formerly Yahoo!'s sales and marketing director, replaced King as the managing director in the UK.

King, a former managing director of Capital Radio and ITV's sales house TSMS, is expected to spend some time with her family while looking for a new role.

She said Yahoo! had "continued to build our successful and expanding European operations". 2003 was Yahoo!'s most successful year, with profits up to $296 million.

King said: "The best time to leave a job is on a high. This is such a moment for Yahoo! and I believe that it is the right time for me to leave."