Yahoo! and Expedia launch travel partnership

Yahoo! has partnered with online travel company Expedia, to provide a travel booking service on Yahoo!'s sites across Europe.

Yahoo!: launches travel partnership with Expedia
Yahoo!: launches travel partnership with Expedia

Yahoo! Travel is a co-branded search tool, allowing users will to find travel and accommodation deals on more than 123,000 hotels and 450 airlines, using Expedia’s "e-packaging" search technology and filtering system.

It also features a "deals module", which updates travel offers in real time and gives access to Expedia user-generated hotel reviews as part of the service.

Yahoo! currently has a "premier travel" service it said has attracted 115% more users than the previous month. Yahoo! recently announced a search toolbar venture with Nectar, enabling cardholders the opportunity to earn loyalty points by using the Yahoo! search bar.

In Yahoo!’s second quarter results for 2010 the company posted an 8% drop in search revenue but a 19% increase in display advertising.

Expedia’s brands include, and TripAdvisor. In June it implemented a "try-before-you-buy" scheme to enable users to view hotels and resorts in real-time before making a booking, as part of a wider strategy to drive up bookings.