Yahoo! makes services available on mobile and TV

NEW YORK - Yahoo!'s email, calendar and instant messaging services are to be available on mobile phones and televisions later this year.

Yahoo! has done a deal to make these services, along with search, news, sports and finance, available on to Nokia's Series 60 mobile phones. Yahoo!'s new offering, to be known as Yahoo! Go Mobile, may be extended to Motorola phones.

Yahoo! is also unveiling Yahoo! Go TV, which is aimed at people who have televisions that are wired up to the internet via a computer.

It will include services such as search, movie trailers, local weather and film information, share prices and sports scores. There will be no charge for the service, but it will carry ads.

The third service is Yahoo! Go Desktop, which will provide services to the PC without relying on a browser and tying in with Yahoo! Go TV and Yahoo! Go Mobile.

Earlier in the month, Motorola and Google unveiled a partnership that will see the search engine's icon pre-loaded on to Motorola handsets so that people can access the search engine when they are on the move.

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