Yahoo! Report: Introduction

The first Yahoo! Big Idea Chair collection, published in 2006, contained interviews with leading figures from the creative industries. This second collection turns the spotlight on advertisers, the people whose needs can sometimes be ignored in the rush to create the ultimate, award-winning piece of communications.

Given the scale of strategic and structural change going on in most of the companies and organisations featured in these pages, it's clear that one of the most important challenges facing them is to exploit the digital world.

What comes across from these interviews is that, as media fragments, creativity is still key. Yes, clients are examining the relative levels of their advertising and marketing services investment, and in some cases shifting their media investment away from network TV to the digital media. But whatever they decide, the premium on creativity is growing.

Our interviewees are photographed in the Yahoo! Big Idea Chair - a real, large purple chair. Individual chairs are given to agencies and teams who have developed outstanding creative.

This supplement has been created to coincide with the Campaign Digital Awards, where Yahoo! is a sponsor, in September. Having run in Campaign, the pieces are collected together here for the first time.

Our thanks to Yahoo!'s Trade Marketing team and, above all, to our list of interviewees. Carefully alphabetised, they are: Alan Bishop, Dermot Blastland, Uwe Ellinghaus, Dave Hieatt, Jill McDonald, Syl Saller and David Wheldon. Campaign may have published the interviews, but they deserve the credit.