Yahoo! shakes up search with launch of SearchMonkey

LONDON - Yahoo! has launched a tool to enhance search results that it says will benefit users, developers and website owners alike.

The tool, which is designed for developers, is based on open source technology and allows new applications to be built that enhance the usefulness and relevance of search results by giving website owners and users more choice in what information they want to show and see.

The application allows the display of visibly differentiated and enhanced search listings by allowing website owners to control the content of their listings, incorporate images and embed live links.

Consumers will be able to opt in to start experiencing Yahoo!'s differentiated and enhanced search results, which will provide quicker access to the content they're looking for.

Jeffrey Revoy, vice president of search and social media for Yahoo! Europe, said: "We know our users want more than just a list of links from their search experience, so Yahoo! has developed a revolutionary new product that makes this possible. Being based on open source technology, SearchMonkey benefits both website owners and users by serving enhanced listings which enable everyone to receive better and more relevant search results first time.

"For Yahoo!, SearchMonkey is part of our broader strategy to enable the most relevant content and services so we become the starting point for the most consumers on the internet."