The year ahead for ad agencies and the latest from CES 2016

The year ahead for ad agencies, a view from Dave Trott and what #Twitter10k means for content marketers.

The year ahead for ad agencies and the latest from CES 2016

Kim KardashianMost read: The year ahead for ad agencies

The best ads look like Manhattan grocery shops that sell guns, hoverboards, buckets of ice that ease suffering, life-saving paint that glows in the dark and Kim Kardashian’s arse, says Nils Leonard, the chairman and chief creative officer of Grey London.

We're not in Kansas anymore.

Nils is challenging suits and creatives alike to choose between making ads or culture. "The little things can become our biggest obstacles," he writes, "and our biggest danger this year is that we settle for what we did last year".

Expect 2016 to become more challenging for marketers too, according to a survey by Censuswide for Workfront. Marketers are prone to suffering from digital overload, with almost half of those questioned admitting making New Year's resolutions that relate to work rather than play, writes Shona Ghosh.

Read the full story, Marketers in 2016: overworked and digitally overloaded.

CES 2016

CES 2016: Do you suffer from Premature Technology Arousal?

As promised, we have more from OMD's Steve Blakeman at CES 2016.

In his latest report he tackles the thorny issue of "Premature Technology Arousal". Otherwise known as "the way consumers (often selfishly) decide how they want technology to work for them beyond its current capabilities".

Data and privacy were also high up on the agenda in Las Vegas, where Under Armour, the self confessed "big data company", were on hand to discuss the importance of "value exchange".

Blakeman writes, "People are (generally) smart and will inevitably become more comfortable with the use of their data as long as there is a fair trade off for them providing it in the first place.

"An example? If you utilise the Map my Run app and go on a trail instead of the road then Under Armour will detect the difference and recommend that you invest in a pair of running shoes that are more suited to that terrain (and most likely at a discount for a valued repeat customer)."

Catch up with more news from CES 2016

Dave Trott

A view from Dave Trott: What will you remember tomorrow?

Dave Trott returns from his Christmas break with more insights into the human mind.

If you have a pitch coming up, Trott has some advice that could very well swing it for you. It worked for PHD.


Social media: What #Twitter10k means for content marketers

The prospect of Twitter increasing its character limit from 140 to 10,000 signals a likely step change in the way the platform positions itself, and raises questions as to how it might be used by brands and individuals alike, writes Gina Roughan, content director at digital agency Zone. 

She continues, "From a marketer’s perspective it could look like a threat – another example of a platform encouraging users to stay within its own ecosystem and away from owned channels over which our brands have more creative control".

However, Zone's content chief thinks this misses the point. "The modern consumer is used to operating in a completely interconnected world and perfectly capable of moving from one walled garden to another – if there’s the incentive to do so," she writes.

Roughan has a message to all those concerned about another platform making a grab for their audience: What #Twitter10k means for content marketers.

Google search for Russia

Tech: Google error translates Russia to 'Mordor'

Google has been translating "Russian Federation" to "Mordor", also known as the Land of Shadow in The Lord of The Rings trilogy, according to a report by the BBC.

The bug has now been fixed. Google said in a statement: "Not all translations are perfect, and there will sometimes be mistakes or mistranslations.

"We always work to correct these as quickly as possible when they are brought to our attention."


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