Yoplait 'yop, skip and jump' by McCann Erickson

Primarily targeting mums, "yop, skip and jump" with its visually unique style, focuses on Yop's high calcium content as the key ingredient for developing healthy bones for teens. Arranged to a re-recording of the classic song 'Dem Bones' and using a mix of motion-capture and computer animation, the ad is set in a x-ray world. Opening in a household kitchen, we see an x-ray hand reach into the fridge for a bottle of Yop. It is then revealed that the hand belongs to a boy who proceeds to go through a range of dynamic stunts from skateboarding and pogo stick hopping to trampoline jumping and heading a football. The films ends on the boy draining the yoghurt drink to the clear benefit of his bones and the strapline "Yop, skip and jump'.