Young athletes can show off skills with Gatorade's new app

Work & Co. has been helping develop the piece of tech for more than a year.

Young athletes can show off skills with Gatorade's new app

Teenage hotshots can share and celebrate their athletic skills, like a badass dunk or challenging soccer goal, with Gatorade’s new Highlights app.

The free app, which launches on both iOS and Android, was developed in partnership with design and tech firm Work & Co for more than a year.

Highlights is unique in that it uses a phone’s camera to capture and respond to specific movements and motions, such as the height of a jump or speed of a sprint. The motion stickers and effects were created to be relevant to a user’s respective sport and to showcase performance.

With the app, young sports players can create and share high-quality athletic moments in a lightweight, easy-to-carry way. Plus, users can brand their highlights with their names, numbers, teams or positions.

The main demographic for Highlights is high school athletes, but it’s a tool that can be used by anyone for any sport as a way to remember specific moments.

This is the first of more such initiatives to come from Gatorade and Work & Co, which also partners to make digital products for the likes of Equinox, IKEA, Epic Games, Apple, Mercedes and more.

The effort shows how parent company PepsiCo – which still leverages big stars in its ads – is also focusing on utility when it comes to its brands.

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