Young's freezes out Jamie Oliver in new ad

Young's is launching a comical TV ad featuring Jamie Oliver trying to cook in the Arctic, to promote his new frozen-fish range.

The ad, created by Mother London, will make its debut on Facebook tomorrow (21 January) and launch on TV during Monday’s 'Celebrity Big Brother' on Channel 5.

In the ad, Oliver and his kitchen are transported to the ice caps of Alaska, where the fish from his range are caught.

He is seen battling Arctic gusts, freezing temperatures and a polar bear while attempting to make fishcakes. He then falls into a hole in the Arctic water, before coming out of the water frozen in a block on ice.

The production company on the ad was Channel 4. It was directed by Alex Boutell and produced by Shananne Lane.

Oliver tied up with Young's to launch his own frozen-fish range last year.

He said: "In this ad I'm freezing, the weather's terrible, everything's going wrong, and ultimately I get my ass kicked. I hope it gives a sense of the lengths we've gone to in order to find sustainable fish for my range.

"The pollock I use is filleted and frozen within hours of being caught, keeping it as fresh and delicious as possible."

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