You're already more than human

We live in age of unrivalled competition for our attention.

You're already more than human

The latest IPA touchpoints survey reveals that we are now consuming over 12 hours of media a day, over 80% of which is simultaneous and much of which is spent engaging with digital media.

- The rise in digital media consumption has been driven by the proliferation of mobile devices with the latest OFCOM digital communications report revealing that a third of UK adults now regard their mobile phones as the most important device for getting online. Furthermore, the mobile analytics firm flurry suggests that 90% of this mobile time is spent in app vs just 10% on browser.

- But what are we doing when we’re connected? From blindly following a street address on google maps, to avoiding speaking to an operator when ordering a taxi via Uber, to looking up train times, and inconsequential pieces of trivia on Wikipedia while attempting to win a pub quiz, we outsource more and more of our thinking to our mobile phone.

- A recent report from for the IAB refers to this phenomenon as Digital Amnesia. Forgetting information that you trust to a digital device. The same report reveals that a whopping 80% of European internet users now say they use the internet as an extension of their brain.

- Are we smarter than ever before with more and more information at our finger tips… or is quite the opposite true as our brains dumb down and forget how to remember.

- Dr Simon Hampton – honorary lecturer in psychology at city university; Tom Grinstead, group product manager, mobile and devices at the Guardian; and Pat Stirling – group product manager on commercial development at the Guardian enjoyed a lively debate taking in a range of views from advertisers and media owners alike. There may have been no consensus, but one thing was clear: with connected devices here to stay digital amnesia will only become more prevalent in our lives!