'You're gorgeous - you remind me of my sister' man tells date in Valentine's Day ad for NHS

A series of cringe-inducing Valentine's Day-themed vignettes, including a man discussing a bowel explosion, form the basis of a humorous ad campaign for NHS Blood and Transplant, with the comedic approach designed to encourage conversations about organ donation.

"The last time I had mussels," the aforementioned man in a restaurant tells his date. "Both ends…" There’s an awkward silence before he orders. "I’ll have the mussels, please." His female companion looks on aghast.

The encounter is just one of many featured. Others include an older man clocking the waitress and telling his date, "If only I was 40 years younger"; and a young man enthusiastically telling a woman, "You’re gorgeous - you remind me so much of my sister."

The campaign is appropriately called ‘Better left unsaid’, balancing it with the idea that ‘some things aren’t’. It comprises three films and is launching on social media, including YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.

Each film ends with the line: "Share your organ donation decision with a loved one this Valentine’s." 

Client: Ceri Rose, assistant director of digital and marketing, NHS Blood and Transplant

Brand: NHS Organ Donation

Agency: Aesop

Creatives: Stephen Lynch, Ben Clapp