Youth favor both online and offline entertainment

Young consumers' passion for digital entertainment does not mean the end of its offline counterpart.

According to a new report from Forrester Research -- entitled "Entertaining Young Net Surfers" -- movie theaters, CD players and stadiums remain their favorites for experiencing entertainment.

However, the net is increasingly influencing how they choose offline entertainment options. Chat and web sites hold greater sway over entertainment choices than TV ads and movie previews - supporting the argument for integrated on and offline campaigns.

Almost 60 percent of wired 16- to 22-year-olds do their entertainment research online. Young consumers' top reason for exploring entertainment on the net is convenience, with two-thirds reporting that more information is available online.

"The web often stimulates, rather than depresses, offline entertainment," said Ekaterina Walsh, an analyst at Forrester. "A quarter of online young consumers report spending more on CDs, concert tickets, videos/DVDs and computer games since going online.

",,, and are the favored web sites among young adults - between one third and one half of online young consumers have visited these sites and rate them highly."

For the report, Forrester surveyed more than 10,000 young internet users in North America on their attitudes and behaviors regarding shopping online and purchasing on and offline.