YouTubers give advice on how to become 'internet famous'

As part of Campaign's on-going video series exploring the internet, fame and YouTube celebrity, we take a look at how some YouTubers become famous.

Callum McGinley: started a gaming channel
Callum McGinley: started a gaming channel

The YouTubers Callum McGinley and Anthony Richardson talk about how they built their followings from scratch to hundreds of thousands of online subscribers.

McGinley and Richardson also talk about the advantages of partnering with YouTube multi-channel networks to grow followings and monetise content.

Social video expert Sarah Wood, the co-founder of Unruly, also talks about building an online following and optimising video content to give it the best chance of viral success.

The video is the second in a series of videos from Campaign, the first of which looked at how YouTube has changed the concept of fame and celebrity.

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