Zenith creates sponsorship division

Zenith Media has launched its new sponsorship and association

marketing division named Zenith Alliance.

Headed by Tim Brady, previously the managing director of TSMS Connector,

it will take over negotiations for Mars with ITV's On The Ball and for

United Airlines on Sky Sports News. Mars was an existing Zenith account

and United has been won since Brady joined in March 2001.

Zenith Alliance will also negotiate the ITV National Weather sponsorship

for Powergen.

Brady, Zenith Alliance's managing director, said the division would work

closely with the agency's planners to provide "associations" that

enhance brands. This will include product placement and

advertiser-funded programming. He said: "It's the right time for Zenith

to move into this sector. Clients want to know what opportunities exist

beyond the traditional media selection and how they can exploit them.

Sponsorship will be an important part of our activities, but we want to

examine what we call association marketing - creating positive brand


Sponsorship Intelligence, the unit created when Zenith Media bought the

sports marketing and sponsorship company SRi UK (Sponsorship Research

International UK) a month ago after its parent company, ISL, went

bankrupt, will be incorporated into Zenith Alliance.

Brady added: "Sponsorship Intelligence will be an intrinsic part of the

new division. It has considerable experience in sponsorship research,

measurement and evaluation, and advised federations, rights holders and

events sponsors."