John Tylee

John Gordon-Saker: new HAT director is unveiled

History of Advertising Trust unveils new leader

John Gordon-Saker takes over from Richard Powell.

Richard Powell to retire from History of Advertising Trust

During Powell's four-year tenure, HAT become the world’s largest advertising archive.

'In awe' of Alan Parker: acclaimed ad and film director dies aged 76

His egalitarian approach helped set UK advertising on new course

Jerry Wright, former ABC chief and Unilever marketer, passes away

He worked in Asia, before returning to UK to shake up circulation auditing body.

Adrian Holmes partners industry veterans to launch 'London's oldest agency'

Ancient & Modern has been founded with John O'Driscoll and Seamus O'Farrell and aims to counter 'the relentless march into digital and social media'.

Review of 2019: Adland's existential crisis

The industry's been left searching for its purpose this year

Let's start at the very beginning: founders on their agencies' inception

How plans were hatched and nerves overcome...

Rowntree: old ad

HAT sells old ads to care homes to help dementia sufferers

Initiative sees past ads shown in care homes.

Campaign Best Places to Work 2019: Top 50

The rundown of this year's list of the best employers in the ad industry shows that extra perks are all well and good but a focus on wellbeing is becoming the top priority for staff when choosing an employer

Just a handful of the millions of ads that have been added to the HAT archive

History of Advertising Trust becomes biggest ads archiver

The History of Advertising Trust now boasts the largest archive of advertising in the world.

Former CIA MD Dennis Lay dies aged 69

Despite being a media man, Lay enjoyed being "close to the local executions" and initially resisted joining a media specialist.

Keith Weed urges brands to use HAT to preserve ad heritage

Cost of storing marketing archives will be much cheaper through HAT, charity says.

Nabs pensions off Peterhouse retirement home

Property in Bexhill-on-Sea has been sold to Agincare.

My campaign: John Tylee remembers 'Lacegate'

Plus Campaign's most sensational headline and the £448 lunch bill

The birth of BBH: 'They told us to fuck off. So we did'

Three men put their houses on the line when they left TBWA

Fear, loathing and inadequate toilet facilities: the birth of Zenith

The proposal of a centralised operation changed adland forever

Adland pays tribute to former McCain marketer Howard Mann

Mann had also worked at Rank Hovis McDougall and Heinz.