Gemma Charles

Deputy editor

Gemma Charles has been at Marketing since 2007 and is a specialist in sustainability, political marketing and the alcoholic beverage sector.

Previously she reported on the food and alcohol sectors, joining the magazine after a spell of freelancing at various titles. She has also held staff reporting roles on Marketing Week, The Lawyer and Inside Housing, the social housing journal, where she started her journalistic career a decade ago.

Linn Frost and Tamara Littleton standing side by side in a garden

The Social Element nabs Virgin marketing leader

Linn Frost joins as managing director.

Lollipop's Maria McDowell

How Maria McDowell is helping adland’s black women rise up

The Lollipop Mentoring founder tells of being 'in pain' when faced with discrimination in the industry, reveals her ambitions for global expansion and explains the importance of being connected.

Headshot of Gemma Charles

The BS, the risks and the opportunity: why marketers should care about Web3

The growth of Web3 offers myriad opportunities for brands to connect with consumers in new ways but there are issues to be ironed out to make it a safe and desirable experience.

Headshot of Gemma Charles

As the iron curtain falls again, brands face tough decisions

We’re living through troubled times but advertisers touting themselves as purposeful brands must not punish quality journalism by pulling spend.

Brands, agencies and, yes, prime ministers need to work harder at earning trust

Up there with purpose and credibility as one of the industry's favoured buzzwords of the moment, trust nevertheless remains a slippery, elusive proposition.

Clockwise from top left: Nishma Robb, back to the office image, Fiona Gordon, Jon Williams, Hanisha Kotecha, Richard Morris

Back to the office (again): is it time to 'live with Covid'?

Adland is navigating a return to office life following the lifting of the work from home instruction by the government.

Have advertisers like Unilever ‘lost the plot’ over purpose?

Major shareholder attacked the FMCG giant’s sustainability strategy.

#SheTakesOver: initiative is in its third year

Creativity initiative #SheTakesOver goes global for third edition

Adam & Eve/DDB said the 2022 drive will be the biggest to date.

EE: ad shows plane landing

EE lands a plane from a family home for broadband ad

The film by Saatchi & Saatchi London aims to show the power of EE’s Full Fibre Max broadband.

Agencies can’t ignore their climate-harming clients

How long will agency arguments about helping high-carbon brands make a change hold water not only with consumers but also their own talent?

Review of 2021: the same, only different

The pandemic’s presence was strongly felt once more despite 'Freedom Day' in the UK marking a lifting of many restrictions and the return of major sporting events around the world.

Arden, Hulley, Mallon, Kobayashi, Naul, Harman-Turner and Borkowski

Can deliberately provoking ad complaints work as a marketing strategy?

Two very different types of campaigns from BrewDog and John Lewis have drawn consumer complaints recently.

Clockwise from top left: Jenkins, Warren, Bentham, Tamsedge, Evans

Is the briefing process broken?

Largest study of its kind painted a disturbing picture of the agency briefing process.

Campaign's Power 100 marketers have shown true grit

This year's cohort are steering their brands into a post-pandemic world having been forced to work in different and, arguably, better ways.

Simon Baugh: moving from Home Office

Govt names Simon Baugh as new Government Communications Service boss

Baugh takes over as GCS leader as Aiken moves to new role.

Barclays: celebrating a 20-year association with football

Pick of the Week: Barclays football film is lovely storytelling

The story of talented siblings Lauren and Reece James is brought to life beautifully.

Sex, dancing and travel: ‘Freedom Day’ ads round-up

Heineken, Durex and Reebok are among the brands celebrating the lifting of restrictions.

The story of a start-up making online ad buying ethical

Good-Loop has attracted big-name brands and funding from You & Mr Jones since launching five years ago.

Freedom vs Delta: has your office policy changed?

Freedom or #freedumb? How adland is responding to an ever-changing set of circumstances.

Drowning out the social media hate with love

Stamping out racist abuse online is long-overdue and advertisers can play a role in pushing the platforms to do better.