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Building the future of DOOH

The potential of programmatic technology for the out of home (OOH) market has intrigued advertisers for years. Serving ads for sun block when the temperature rises, and promoting brollies when the skies open are some of the more obvious possibilities, but there are many more innovative ways to activate creative as the technology allows for more sophisticated triggering of campaigns.

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Creators with influence: how to earn trust

Influencer marketing is the new force in the attention economy. But how can brands skill-up to get the best out of it?

Will the digital boom bring lasting change or is it a temporary trend?

What will stick from the great digital transformation? Campaign editor-in-chief Gideon Spanier gauges opinion among marketers

The switch: how customers become brand ambassadors

Outdoor Media Awards 2022 open for entries

This year's awards look to bring the industry together again.

Why you need to know about brand suitability

New tools from CNN can protect brands in a news environment while also aligning them with positive, brand-suitable content

Time to reset

Advertising will lead the way in building back better

2021 Thinkbox TV Planning Awards reflect a year like no other

Entries for the Thinkbox TV Planning Awards 2021 are now open

Campaign UK Female Frontier Awards 2020: Best foot forward

Campaign's first UK Female Frontier Awards honoured ground-breaking women in marketing, media and advertising, but begged the question, in 2020, why is it still important to champion women?

4 milestones to make addressable linear TV a success

The capabilities and potential of addressable TV cannot be ignored, says Freewheel's Jamie Caras

"The TV experience has never been better," says Finecast's Jakob Nielsen

Ignore the doom-sayers was the overriding message from Campaign's TV Advertising Summit.

What Marketing can learn from HR: Big Questions Live

Whether it's about brand, experience or even value exchange, employees' attitudes, and how they're managed, can point the way...

Why responsible advertising is everyone's business

Responsibility, trust and growth are firmly at the heart of advertising's new mission. Here are the key action points from the Advertising Association's annual LEAD summit

Let's have a conversation: why direct brand engagement will improve conversions

Campaigns that hit targets for impressions, clicks and views don't always convert to sales - but a new approach to conversational commerce is promising to close the gap between marketing and sales

Programmatic: where are we now?

"We are headed towards a world where all TV and media will be addressable, so we need to start to think now about how we plan, buy, and optimise differently." So says Lara Izlan, director advertising data & analytics at ITV, summing up why she - and 200 others - came together for Xandr's inaugural Connect event in London

How to de-risk the future in uncertain times

With the country living through tumultuous times, brands have their work cut out. Can they de-risk their activities and still reap the rewards?

Digital cities for digital citizens

Heavy users of technology, they are actively in the market for new tech and keen to purchase new products They spend more than 15 hours per week out of home

Tools for transformation - with MediaCom

What brands say - and what they do

Brands talk the talk when it comes to the value of quality content in media but don't always follow through with their actions. Campaign brought brands and agencies together to interrogate why - and how to close the gap

Heard radio's good news story?

Commercial radio is at an all-time high