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Nicola Kemp

Stop telling women to 'build resilience' and start taking action

Women leaders in advertising have been sharing their biggest challenges, raising vital questions for advertising leaders.

Nicola Kemp

Stop blaming dead women

Advertisers are funding a media narrative that fuels violence against women. Now is the time for change.

England Fans looking at an ad by DICE calling for a level playing field

It’s time for a level playing field

The Lionesses brought football home, but what are we going to do with it?

Creative Equals CEO Ali Hanan

Creative Equals conference: 'Who makes the work shapes the work'

At last week's Rise conference, held by Creative Equals, there were some key takeouts that we can all find instructive.

Stereotypes are where creativity goes to die

The sexism on display in the Government's pulled coronavirus ad demonstrates an urgent need to fight toxic stereotypes, Nicola Kemp says.

Covid-19 risks turning back the clock on gender-equality gains

Recent government debate about cuts to nursery funding throws a spotlight on how the phenomenon of the 'third shift' risks pushing working mothers in the ad industry to breaking point.

Mummy, what did you do in the great Covid crisis?

The hyper-masculine, triumphalist rhetoric surrounding the 'great return to the office' risks killing women’s creative careers and wastes the opportunity for a positive reset in how we work.

How to fail at working from home with kids

This is not another article on how to achieve the perfect work/life balance while also effortlessly homeschooling children. That is simply impossible.

BrewDog ad ban: why we shouldn't give a motherfu

In the midst of the reckless lack of regulation of political advertising, it is difficult to be outraged by BrewDog's ad ban.

How to bounce back from failure

Here are the top tips from those who have been there.

Authentically fake: influencers are breaking boundaries between real and digital worlds

Dazed Beauty's Bunny Kinney discusses transformation in the age of influence.

The Slumflower's guide to marketing: welcome to the age of radical self-love

Chidera Eggerue discusses self-love, influence and the power of advertising without fear.

Post-Influencer Culture

What the future holds for influencer marketing.

Almost half of social media users find sponsored posts 'annoying'

Brands need to adapt in post-influencer age...

#PassItOn: Graze's brand chief on playing the long game

Investing in career progression should be top of the agenda, Graze's global head of brand says.

The future is freelance (and it will definitely get paid)

Freelancing has become a plan A and blockchain can set creatives free, according to a new platform that claims to make freelance life easier.

Man up or get paid less

The notion of 'manning up' and having difficult conversations are some of challenges discussed at Bloom's latest event.

Oasis' netball tie-up: 'We recognise our consumers are spinning multiple plates'

Fashion retailer has partnered England netball squad...

A design for (male) life

Design team Two Girls talk about why they are challenging the perimeters of design.

#PassItOn: Karen Blackett on supportive networks and the power of listening

She discusses leading and keeping your feet on the ground