Sue Unerman

Sue Unerman is the chief strategy officer at MediaCom. 

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'The past has a vote, not a veto'

We are in danger of continuing to follow the advertising rules of thumb or heuristics of the past in a world that we know has changed irrevocably.

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Why our industry should be more Wimbledon

We could all benefit from the transformation offered by adopting tennis' 'second serve rule'.

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My free pass to Cannes and what it taught me

Because I went for free to this year's event, I was particularly determined to make the most of it, so here are five things I learned while there.

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48 ways to transform creativity: act six

There are 48 techniques that can transform the creativity of the work that you do. Here’s the sixth: exaggeration.

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Why branding might need a rebrand

There has been a worrying drop in the effectiveness of advertising in the UK, according to Warc's rankings, and it is a decline that we must not ignore.

Great ideas can come from remote working

A myth has sprung up over the course of the pandemic that you need to collaborate IRL to be truly creative, but it's just not true.

Why you should take a minute to breathe

Take your lead from actors and athletes, and tap into the power of the breath to help us all transform the industry's culture into one of inclusion and zero tolerance for inappropriate behaviour.

How busy are you? How busy should you be?

In our industry, work has always been about how you show up, as well as how much work you do.

48 ways to transform creativity: act five

Why it pays to think like a shaman and see the bigger, long-term picture.

Enter, the fifth age of advertising

We are at the dawn of a new era. The age of dialogue is making way for the age of relevance.

48 ways to transform creativity: act four

From Pot Noodle to Moët: take a mythical approach to turn your brand into an icon.

Sue Unerman

Do clothes maketh the man or woman?

At a recent conference I attended there was a big divide between how the women on stage dressed versus most of the men, something that could be symptomatic of deeper divides.

Sometimes the old ideas really are the best

There are 48 ways to transform creativity. Here’s number three – use an old idea.

MediaCom's Transformation Week showed speed is of the essence

The annual event revealed a common theme of accelerating change.

Sue Unerman

Had enough of reality? Try the metaverse

The metaverse has arrived, allowing people to live their best lives in the virtual world – but where is the crossover point between reality and fantasy?

Want a break from yourself? Show some empathy

Feeling what someone else is feeling is energising because it takes you away from your natural self-obsession, so why not take a step outside the ad agency bubble and see what benefits it can bring both personally and professionally

Sue Unerman

We all have an Olympic lesson to learn about mental and physical health

Why is it still so much easier for many people to say that they are sick with a tummy bug than that they cannot come to work because of the state of their mental health?

Forty-eight ways to transform creativity: act two

There are 48 techniques that can transform the creativity of the work that you do. Here’s one of them. The power of burning bridges.

Adland needs to reinvent, rebrand and reimagine when it comes to inclusion

Advertising is an industry that runs on talent, but it leaves a lot to be desired when it comes to inclusion and belonging.

Sometimes the best approach in the office, as in football, is to 'stick it in the mixer'

With the Euro 2020 final painfully fresh in our memories, let’s turn to another football match that offers a valuable lesson for us at work.