Kate Magee

A colour photo of Arthur Sadoun

'It was hell': why Publicis Groupe's CEO is urging leaders to end cancer stigma at work

Arthur Sadoun discusses his cancer diagnosis, why he made it public and how leaders can support his high-profile initiative to end cancer stigma in the workplace.

Dark Horses releases open source menopause policy to help break taboos

Dark Horses CEO Melissa Robertson writes policy after huge response to her recent article in Campaign.

Why Legal & General is shunning retirement cliches

Legal & General Retail Retirement’s marketing director Meg Dickens tells Campaign why she wants to end retirement cliches in its communications, and why agencies should start valuing experience if it wants to more effectively service clients.

Publicis Groupe UK launches family-friendly policies for all employees

Publicis Groupe UK is launching a series of family-friendly policies for employees to help create a more inclusive workplace.

What do ECDs look for in creative recruits as the job market rebounds after Covid?

It has been a tough job market out there for junior creatives but things are finally looking up. Campaign asks the new wave of creative chiefs for their thoughts on hiring.

St Luke's: a mural in the new Covent Garden offices

St Luke's to give staff up to £500 a month for childcare

Creative agency launches new policies to help working parents level the playing field.

Campaign podcast: John Cleese on why 'advertising is like a very good crossword'

Listen to Campaign's interview with writer and performer John Cleese.

Why John Cleese thinks play is the key to creativity

The writer and performer tells Campaign how to be creative, the importance of play and why those at the top are key barriers to creative success.

Why aren’t more funny ads winning awards?

Cannes 2021: All purpose and no play makes adland a very dull place

John Cleese: promoting 'Creativity: A Short and Cheerful Guide'

John Cleese 'depressed' at lack of interest in creativity from schools

Creative skills should be more highly prized in schools, he argues

Juicy goss: Ribena starts search for a new advertising agency

Brand seeks agency with 'passion for sustainability' to succeed Wunderman Thompson, which resigned the account.

Publicis.Poke names new CEO as Nick Farnhill departs

John Hadfield is joining the London agency from BBH Singapore.

Has adland painted itself into a corner with its framing of creativity?

Adland needs to position creative thinking as a superpower.

Meet adland's new crop of creative leaders

A new generation of creative leaders has hatched. Campaign asks what drives them as they spread their wings and take the industry in their own direction.

Campaign podcast: Rory Sutherland on the warpath to elevate role of creativity

Associate editor Kate Magee talks to the Ogilvy vice-chairman ahead of his Nudgestock 2021 festival.

'How the hell have we allowed this to happen?' Rory Sutherland on creative devaluation

Nudgestock 2021: Media agencies and tech firms have devalued creativity

'All In' Census results: adland vows action on black, disabled and working-class talent

The findings of the industry-wide “All In Census” have revealed the demographic make-up of the UK ad industry and prompted an immediate action plan to improve diversity, equity and inclusion.

What a hostage negotiator has to say about how to reintegrate into society

Kevin Taylor is a former police hostage negotiator. Here, he explains how people should prepare for the new social norms post lockdown.

'Silence makes you complicit' – six ways marketers can get purpose right

How to avoid purpose-washing, from some of the UK's top marketers at Campaign's Media 360 event.

Women in creative industries paid £10k less than men – Major Players salary survey

New salary survey reveals wide pay gaps between different groups of employees.