Harry Lang

Harry Lang is an integrated marketing consultant living in London. You can get in touch with him via LinkedIn or Twitter @FactDeJour.

After an ‘utterly sh*t epoch’, where now for adland and all its contradictions?

We’ve had not just one annus horribilis but two, back to back, so making personal and professional new year’s resolutions is tougher than usual.

Did you do that on purpose?

Some heavyweight brands have tried to flag their woke credentials when actions would have spoken louder than words.

What's love got to do with it, and why does Love Island exist?

Love Island is the guiltiest of guilty pleasures for millions of viewers right now, but why? Money, escapism and a healthy dose of schadenfreude might have something to do with it.

World Cup ads: A guide to the most clichéd spots

For every Nike "Write the future" there's a Head & Shoulders turkey with Joe Hart and a whole lot of stereotypical ads that surface at World Cup time, says the founder of Brand Architects.

Why BMW showed its pitching agencies a complete lack of respect - and sadly it's not alone

The manner of BMW's ad agency appointment in the US is disgusting, deplorable and sadly all too common, argues the founder of Brand Architects.

Sky Premier League ad to mark the start of the season

Does marketing need football or vice versa?

The global game is now so powerful that brands wanting to enhance their sales or reputations can ill afford not to be in the business of football, writes Pinnacle marketing director Harry Lang.

Intel Extreme Masters: signed sponsorship deal with Procter & Gamble

Brands are sitting up and taking notice of the esports phenomenon

With soaring popularity and even its own betting market, esports is now big money. Brands need to understand this phenomenon, writes Pinnacle's marketing director.

New tech for old problems: how to keep up with the disruptors

Can marketing innovate alongside era-defining brands, asks integrated marketing consultant Harry Lang.

Time for a change? One marketer maps his journey into portfolio working

Crafting a portfolio career might not be as hard as you think and the opportunities offered by this increasingly popular way of working are endless, writes marketing consultant Harry Lang.

App store optimisation (ASO) is a modern version of Mouse Trap

Optimising apps is like playing Mouse Trap, says Mecca Bingo marketer

While your app needs good reviews, you must play the optimisation game, writes Mecca Bingo marketer Harry Lang.

A gambling marketer reveals what he really wants from agencies

Online gaming is now a hugely competitive market but UK agencies don't seem to understand how to target this burgeoning industry, says Harry Lang, head of digital marketing, Mecca Bingo.