Dave Dye

Dave Dye is the head of art and design at J Walter Thompson. He writes the blog Huge Generalisations for Campaign. 

Dave Dye on his love for Tom McElligott, Joe Sedelmaier and Len Sirowitz

Stuff from the Loft blog and podcast looks back at the pre-digital, glory days of advertising

Who'd start an ad agency today? Dave Dye has the answer

Good question. The short answer is: me, Dave Dye, creative partner at Love or Fear, founded a few Tuesdays ago. But that won't fill a whole article, so here's the long answer.

Dave Dye: No longer in circulation

A lot of things have gone out of fashion in the ad industry, and for good reason. But there's one crucial question we should still be asking, says JWT London's Dave Dye.

Dave Dye: Why aren't we making more likeable ads?

J Walter Thompson's Dave Dye recalls the early days of Facebook brand pages and how he learned to be more likeable.

Dave Dye's Huge Generalisations: making connections with actual audiences

J Walter Thompson's Dave Dye tells the story of a 75-year-old comedian as an example of how to truly connect with audiences.

Dave Dye's Huge Generalisations: exclude me in

'Exclusive' is increasingly seen as a dirty word in advertising, but it might be time to rethink that, says J Walter Thompson's Dave Dye.

A/Dvertising today

New media, new tools, new people. What is the state of art direction today? Campaign asked J Walter Thompson's head of art and design, Dave Dye