Alexander Nix

CEO, SCL Group

Alexander Nix was educated at Eton College and Manchester University. He began his career as a financial analyst with Baring Securities in Mexico and thereafter in the UK with Robert Fraser & Partners LLP, a boutique Corporate Finance and tax advisory firm. In 2003 Alexander left finance to join the SCL Group as a Director, where his responsibilities included growing SCL internationally, together with opening new markets for SCL's many behavioural products and services. In 2007 he directed his efforts to developing the elections division, including opening new offices in Washington DC and Delhi and growing the global staff to over 300 employees.
Over the past nine years, Alexander has worked on more than 40 political campaigns in the US, Caribbean, South America, Europe, Africa and Asia. In 2010 Alexander opened SCL Social, a not-for-profit, international development agency dedicated to applying SCL’s behavioural change communication strategies to humanitarian, health and development projects around the world.

Donald Trump: The Republican frontrunner "delivered the same message to an indistinguishable mass of voters" (credit: Michael Vadon)

How big data got the better of Donald Trump

As the US presidential primaries rumble on, Alexander Nix, chief executive of SCL Group (Cambridge Analytica in the US), reveals how his company's use of big data helped Ted Cruz snatch victory from Republican frontrunner Donald Trump in the recent Iowa primary.