Andy Pemberton

Director of Furthr, freelance writer for The New York Times, GQ and Esquire Magazine and former editorial director and owner Musictoob Media Inc, Andy is a is a content expert with a wealth of international experience.

Meta's logo on a phone in front of a downward arrow

Apple’s ‘gangster move’ dealt a blow to Meta and digital advertising

Businesses tracking online users to sell ads like Meta could find their time is up.

Abrdn’s rebrand ditches the vowels and branding best practice

The investment company will be hoping its new identity doesn't prove to be a burden to the brand

Why the UK government's 'test and trace' app plan was doomed to fail

England's 'world-beating' app to track the Covid-19 virus has been binned. Why is no one surprised?

2019 is the year of 'woke' as a business plan

Why is every campaign so woke nowadays? Because liberals won the culture war and urban progressives have all the money.

We have hit peak Apple

The deals with Amazon and Google only point to one thing: sliding sales.

Let's not praise Twitter for reaching a profit. Let's bury it

Twitter's business has recently stabilised. Society has not. I think these two facts are linked.

Why the tech duopoly spells even more bad news for traditional media

Think the ad duopoly of Facebook and Google seems like bad news for traditional media? Well, stick around compadre, because it's about to get a lot worse.

Uber may have their London licence back, but their business model lies in pieces

Uber has regained their licence to operate in London, albeit on a 15-month probation, but the director of Furthr doesn't believe the changes implemented go deeply enough to fix a problematic business model.

A bot didn't write this column

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Social platforms need to step up or risk destroying democracy

Charlottesville is a game-changer for social media. Or at least, it should be.

Uber is everything that is wrong with disruption

Uber is a lesson in the damaging power of disruption and globalisation, and it should be stopped.

Social media is broken

Even the man who helped invent it now thinks it has gone very wrong.

Will Amazon devour brands?

Retail is being eaten alive by Amazon and brands could be next. By Andy Pemberton, the director at Furthr.

Blockchain is a 'trust machine' with the power to topple the tech giants

Blockchain technology has the power to unseat the likes of Facebook, Twitter and Google. Why? Because you can trust it.

The day social media peaked: 16/02/17

Social giants built their success on globalisation. As the world votes to reject it, can they really expect to carry on as normal?

Burn your iPad: 2017 is the year of voice

But beware: voice-activated tech could cause headaches for brands.

Brands should harness Twitter, Donald Trump-style

Brands such as McDonald's can learn from the way the US president-elect uses the platform to listen to his audience and test the water.

Facebook is touting a diversity myth

Rich white men are all too often the minority that's being empowered.

Facebook has just turned to the dark side

We should be concerned by a social media network that has the power to decide what news stories and ads are accessible to its users.