Tracey Follows

Tracey Follows writes the ‘Future of...’ column for Campaign, decoding what future trends mean for our evolving society. While she was chief strategy officer at JWT, Tracey created the agency’s first planning foresight team. Making the shift from strategist to futurist, she now runs her own strategic foresight consultancy, Any Day Now, as well as studying the subject at the University of Houston, and is a member of the World Future Society and of Faith Popcorn Brain Reserve’s Talent Bank.

The shared mind: what creative ideation could look like in the future

Tracey Follows's new book explores how the advance of digital technology could impact our personal identities. Here, she explains how any future ability to connect individuals' thoughts could have a major impact on adland’s creative process.

Why foresight beats hindsight

Real effectiveness can only come from having so vivid an idea of what will exist tomorrow, that it drives the decisions you make today.

Apple knows tech's future lies in biology, brands and agencies need to catch on

We are already in the era of information biology, where ads could follow albums in being stored on DNA. The industry just hasn't realised it yet, says the Futuremade founder.

The fast-growing femtech market will truly peak when it's just 'tech'

Pelvic floor big data. Words I never thought I'd hear, yet alone write, says the Futuremade founder.

It's time to embrace the healing power of the 'overview effect'

Tech firms and wider humanity could all do with seeing the bigger picture, says the Futuremade founder.

The question of ethics will dominate culture in 2018's human-to-machine world

Having sat back and marvelled at digital advances, it's now time to start questioning the role of technology in society, writes Tracey Follows founder, Futuremade.

Why Gen Z expects emotionally intelligent workplaces

The next generation of workers will want environments that prioritise personal interaction and embrace emotion, says the Futuremade founder.

Why face is the future

As another week passes, we draw another step closer towards global face culture, says the Futuremade founder.

The future of gender marketing

As tech, retail and fashion disrupt traditional stereotypes, gender-specific marketing is looking increasingly outdated, says the Futuremade founder.

Why the future of luxury is time

There's only one sense in which we are all born equal. It's our time.

How data can save our cities

There is more we can do to avoid a repeat of tragic recent events.

The Henn na Hotel: or 'Strange Hotel' is almost exclusively staffed by robots

What if bots started developing their own social behaviours?

The long-term impact of robot culture and AI needs to be better investigated by the media and advertising industries.

Embrace RealEquality and redesign the future to be as much female as it is male

Unless a more hands-on approach to equality is adopted, not even our kids will live to see it. It's time to start mobilising.

Here's why Nike is ready for the future

Nike scores high in areas such as financial fitness and happy staff.

In an age of Brexit and Trump, marketers must always consider the alternative

Brexit. Trump. Shocking outcomes or ones we just hadn't considered? Head down to your coffee shop and discover other ways of thinking.

The future of luxury brands in an on-demand world

Can luxury brands both embrace the sharing economy and remain aspirational? It's an existential question they now need to answer.

Mixed reality will mean all athletes become superhumans

Sport as we know it could be changed forever with people's desire and ability to optimise themselves through biology, chemistry or technology.

EU and Brexit claims about the future have become more hyperbolic

The short-termist arguments in the EU referendum campaign highlight our misunderstanding of the future, writes Tracey Follows.

The future of news is immersive

With the proliferation of smartphones, virtual reality, augmented reality and ever-improving algorithms, prepare to 'experience' news that offers multiple viewpoints and is truly immersive.

Take a glimpse at the future of sex

We're living in a more globalised world of constant connectivity. As such, our personal, as well as public, lives are increasingly being mediated by technology.