Mel Exon

BBH London managing director Mel Exon is also co-founder of the ad agency's innovation arm BBH Labs, driving the creative technology agenda for clients such as Unilever and Tesco.

Scream if you want to go faster: now is a pivotal moment for gender equality

Why picking up the pace on flexibility is essential if we’re serious about gender equality.

We need brands to step up and grow a real conscience

When moral standards are set adrift by those in power, should corporations and their brands fill the vacuum?

Casting collaborative working in a new light

The only way forward is to spread the load, so let's reappraise and recognise real collaboration.

A Universe Explodes: Tea Uglow's book asks readers to make edits

Adland needs to take a magic leap into entertainment

Forget slow, incremental progress. Sometimes a huge change is exactly what the industry needs. And the answer lies in entertainment.

In praise of the attention-seeker

When consumers are overwhelmed by an abundance of choice, brands need to shout loudly to stand out and make an impact.

After ten years of iPhone, is it the beginning of the end for smartphones?

Once there is a viable alternative, I suspect we will drop our handheld device, says the chief executive of Sunshine.

A mobile-first world? It's all about AI now

By turning their attention to bots, the tech giants are already making science fiction a reality, writes Mel Exon.

Mel Exon: Use your conviction to get brave ideas off the ground

Amazon's drone deliveries have yet to become a reality but they are a statement of intent that has generated headlines. We should not let the fear of failure stop us trialling radical ideas.

How HTC's Vive turned me into a Pile of Ham

Technological improvements mean virtual reality is finally poised to move into the mainstream, opening up a world of possibilities for brands, explains Mel Exon.

Top-of-the-line microprocessors currently have circuit features that are around 14 nanometres across… that’s already smaller than most viruses

Moore's Law is dead - so what comes next?

The development of digital technology has transformed our lives, and marketers can learn vital lessons from how the tech world handles change, writes Mel Exon.

Reflections on David Bowie's optimistic tech legacy

The pop star's pragmatic, optimistic futurism serves as a case study for marketers in how technology can facilitate a great customer experience, writes Mel Exon.

Mel Exon: where we're going, we don't need predictions

Mel Exon: where we're going, we don't need predictions

It's the time of year to reflect and look forward, but if the past year has taught us anything, it's not to make assumptions about the uptake of tech.

Mel Exon on Apple's ad-blockers: advertisers can forge a better mobile ecosystem

Mel Exon on Apple's ad-blockers: advertisers can forge a better mobile ecosystem

Advertisers can help create a mobile ecosystem in which the user still wins, says BBH London managing director and BBH Labs co-founder Mel Exon, while taking control from Apple and other ad blockers.

Apple Watch's long-term success relies on haptic nudges permeating daily culture

Wearable technology is no longer just for 'geeks and chics'. Apple Watch's clever little tricks could be a big help in improving how well we work.

Mel Exon: Apple Music will make us sit back and listen

While Apple's entrance into music streaming may initially have appeared little more than a me-too move, it could well prove to be far more than that, writes Mel Exon

Why vertical video is having the last laugh

You know how you're constantly looking at your phone, whether chatting online, using it to watch videos or window-shop? So are your customers, says Mel Exon.

BBH's Mel Exon gives advice on how to approach becoming mobile-first

Mel Exon: Google pushing mobile-first means brands need 'brevity with soul'

From now on, mobile-friendly websites rank higher than others in Google's mobile search results. What are the implications of this for marketers, asks Mel Exon.

Nathie: Youtube vlogger and game reviewer

Mel Exon: the future is 'lights, camera, reaction'

It's early days for live-video-streaming apps, but watch this space: the prospect of being able to run real-time-response campaigns is tantalising, writes Mel Exon

Monument Valley is a puzzle game developed and published by indie studio Ustwo.

Three simple lessons for marketers from Buzzfeed and Monument Valley

For marketers in all sectors, there are valuable lessons to learn from the success of BuzzFeed and Monument Valley.

Mel Exon: Programmatic isn't just about 'robots with calculators'

Programmatic doesn't mean 'game over' for creativity, just some new rules

Far from signalling the end of creativity, programmatic media-buying is giving the marketing industry some dynamic new parameters to consider, writes Mel Exon.