Will Harris

Former O2, Nokia and Tory marketer, columnist Will Harris has a wide-reaching view of the marketing ecosystem.

The cautionary tale of Putin's propaganda war

Brands may not find it easy spinning their way to an Effectiveness Grand Prix.

The leadership lesson from Brexit

If you take one constructive lesson from this crisis, let it be a reminder of the absolute imperative of true leadership, writes Will Harris, the former Conservative Party marketing director.

AI: Don't rage against the machine

The remarkable rise of artificial intelligence will certainly change our lives but needn't threaten our existence, writes Will Harris.

How campaign planning actually works in the 21st century

The atomisation of the media landscape has transformed the way in which people perceive brand messaging. It's time the industry caught up, writes Will Harris.

Filter bubble: Donald Trump has succeeded by catering to a subset of voters' existing prejudices

Conformity of opinion will lead to a retreat from creative experimentation

It is more important than ever to look outside the marketing bubble and engage head-on with different types of people, writes Will Harris.

"Assume that the best jobs are rarely advertised in an open and fair way"

The four new rules of engagement for landing that dream job

The jobs market has changed dramatically. Will Harris has four new rules to bear in mind when it's time to move on.

Lessons from American Girl: How the doll empire gave me a breathtaking brand lesson

Will Harris learned a thing or two about the power and value of conviction marketing following an unfortunate incident.

Marketing can take over your life to the extent that you don't even notice it

Marketing can take over your life to the extent that you don't even notice it

Knowing what goes on behind the scenes, and seeing it in any consumer experience, is an occupational hazard for marketers; but, writes Will Harris, it can also be an advantage.

The marketing industry seems to have forgotten how powerful images can be

Once a mainstay of advertising, still images have fallen by the wayside. Yet photos still have the power to engage and change people's minds, argues Will Harris.

How to channel millennial spirit: do something that drives your soul

You may not be able to just drop everything and switch direction quite as easily as a millennial, but you can still find the time to use your marketing skills for the things that really matter to you, writes Will Harris.

Will Harris: how to be a decision-making marketer minus the conflict

Every marketer needs someone who can provide an alternative perspective without necessarily generating conflict, writes Will Harris.

Anti-automation: why having less structure is better for creativity

'The less structured and regimented life is, the better the creative output'

Strict order and automation appeals to the management mindset, but that's not how glorious, occasionally chaotic, creative brilliance works. By Will Harris.

Marketers have shown the way with globalisation and it's time we recognised it as a positive

It's time for marketing to be considered in a more positive light

The rise and spread of global brands aptly illustrates the debt so many companies owe to marketers. It's time we shouted about it, writes Will Harris.

Real or fake, is there is a difference?

The phrase 'virtual reality' will become as obsolete as faxes, telexes and jobs for life

The phrase 'virtual reality' is losing its meaning and, with technology further blurring the lines, it will soon be time to leave it behind, writes Will Harris.

The other US space race
Conservative Party: poster was mocked for featuring a German road

General Election 2015: The campaign's started but what's the point?

From German roads turning up in Tory ads to Ed Miliband's claim that Labour will have 4m conversations instead of "buying up poster sites", the political parties' General Election marketing campaigns came to life this week. But will all this activity make any difference, asks Will Harris, chief executive of PR agency Mission Media and former Conservative Party marketing director.

BT cannot drop the ball on mobile again with EE

In the wake of the news that BT may acquire EE, Will Harris warns the telecoms giant to learn from the mistakes it made with Cellnet.