Benedict Pringle

5 ads that won it for Joe Biden

Biden spent more money on advertising than any other US presidential election candidate.

Is Joe Biden really that far ahead?

With three weeks until the US Presidential election, polls are showing Biden well ahead of Donald Trump. But there are a few campaign performance indicators that offer the President a glimmer of hope.

The last political ad you will see on Facebook

Allowing users to block political ads could be harmful...

Getting a majority done

The Tories have secured their biggest majority in 30 years

2019 general election: welcome to the social media war

Will the general election be won and lost online? Let's take a look at how political parties are using social media and the likely effect of the advertising.

Are we still spending £100m to get ready for Brexit?

It's more complicated than it seems...

Political advertising reform is crucial as new 'deepfake' technology threatens democracy

New 'deepfake' technology is an emerging threat to the fair conduct of elections globally. Benedict Pringle argues that the marketing industry has a duty to demand regulatory change from Westminster and worries that if we don't, no one else will.

Labour's canny campaign is beginning to work

The Labour Party is executing a core vote strategy designed to gain a share of the vote that will keep Corbyn in post - rather than win seats, argues Benedict Pringle, the founder of

Election slogans reveal there's only one party trying to win a majority

Now that the three main national parties have released their general election 2017 slogans, it is clear that only the Conservatives have adopted a strategy which seeks to win a majority of seats.

Regulating election advertising: get the frack on with it

The ASA's recent ruling on a political ad shows Parliament should be able to act quickly in finding an organisation to regulate election advertising.

Can Trump's ad blitz close the gap with two weeks to go?

With two weeks left until the US presidential election, Donald Trump has unleashed a last-minute advertising blitz. Will it be enough to win?

Negative political campaigning: when it works and when it backfires

The London mayoral election highlighted the divisive nature of negative campaigning. Will M&C Saatchi have to ditch its signature attacking style for the EU referendum's Remain campaign, Benedict Pringle asks.

The government's EU leaflet row: explained

Political advertising buff Benedict Pringle explains the furore over the Government's plan to spend £9.3 million on a direct marketing campaign lobbying the public to vote to remain in Europe.

Déjà vu? Bernie Sanders campaign draws parallels with Obama

Benedict Pringle, the founder of and a new business director at Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO, on the viral campaign film for Democratic presidential hopeful, Bernie Sanders.

What can we expect from the EU referendum campaigns?

Now that Donald Tusk has published his draft settlement for Britain, it is likely that the EU referendum will take place this year. Benedict Pringle, an account director at Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO and the author of, explains the kind of communications we can expect from the 'remain' and 'leave' campaigns.

Election campaigning: how to spend it

Political parties' general election spending was published on Wednesday. Benedict Pringle, an account director at Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO and the author of, crunches the numbers for Campaign.