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Beware the blandwagon

Pressures to conform are overshadowing the importance of distinctiveness and individual visions.

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Crisis countdown

Are we beginning to see a chink of light at the end of the permacrisis tunnel?

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The evolution of technology and the ascent of can

Even in an age of artificial intelligence, you've got to have faith.

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Makes you think: why some brands want to be a choice simplifier

We have thousands of thoughts every day. No wonder we look for mental shortcuts.

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Distinctly different: unique brand assets are a crucial first step towards a sale

There's a difference in distinction and a distinction in being different.

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You talking to me?

Individually targeted ads can make us feel uncomfortable. They also might not be quite as effective as we think.

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Strategy column: Lately, we've let things slide

Too much PowerPoint presenting is getting in the way of clarity of thought, empathy and trust.

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Charles Vallance: Brand capital is the best defence against inflation

Creative thinking and distinctive assets can help conquer Christmas budget fears.

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In praise of logic

Any creative endeavour needs to pay close attention to detail, but never at the expense of the end-user.

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Only connect!

Why it's time for the industry to stop prioritising content over connectivity.

What's the point of the proof point?

Why hard product truth always lies behind any emotional selling proposition.

Getting to the point

The enforced brevity of social media means people are getting to the point faster. Brands must sit up and pay attention. Or fail to win that of their consumers.

Charles Vallance

Is your funnel top-heavy, bottom-heavy or perfectly proportioned?

The founding partner of VCCP warns of the serious risks that come from overinvestment in performance media.

Charles Vallance

The latest wave for brands is the need for immediacy

The latest wave is the need for immediacy

The modern and ancient brand paradox

Plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose – VCCP's chairman reflects on how little things change.

The Era of the Ear

The ad industry has long been obsessed with consumers' eyes, with discourse around eye-catching work pretty much standard. But thanks to the explosion of audio streaming, digital radio and podcasts, the ears are making a comeback. Sit up and listen.

How loudly will the twenties roar?

The end of the 1990s downturn was marked by a flowering of British commercial creativity – and something similar could be on the cards in the years to come.

Charles Vallance: Protect the Engine

The ad industry must not let process and structure distract it from looking after the very thing that powers it.

Plan Like an Optimist

The VCCP chairman reflects on the importance of optimism now more of the crisis is likely behind us than ahead of us.

Charles Vallance

Why a little means a lot

Video communication platforms are only 90% a substitute for real meetings – and we might be missing out on the 10% that decides so much of what happens in our marginal world.