Callum McCahon

Why brands should take note of Twitter's 'Super Follow' launch

The new direction Twitter is going in illustrates the growing power of creators in social media.

We need to talk about social media

Social has a troubled relationship with mental well-being but there are steps it can make to combat this.

Why Instagram will win the battle for 'selfie commerce' against Snapchat

The rival social media platforms have both launch commerce functions but Instagram's may have an edge over Snapchat's, argues Born Social's strategy director.

Brevity is a skill, so speak simply

Callum McCahon, strategy director at Born Social and Media Week 30 Under 30 2017 alumnus, shares his lessons from the ladder.

Why influencer marketing is starting to grow up

Instagram's native feature, indicating when influencers are being paid by a brand, could have drastic implications, writes Born Social's strategy director

Callum McCahon: Born Social's strategy director

Influencer marketing is a bubble, and it's about to burst

The industry needs to drastically change its approach to influencer marketing, argues Born Social's strategy director.

Callum McCahon: strategy director at Born Social

Silent video doesn't tell the whole story

Just because brands can get away with using silent video, it doesn't mean it should be the lead strategy, writes Callum McCahon.