Stephen Woodford

Stephen Woodford is chief executive of the Advertising Association

A black and white headshot of Stephen Woodford, chief executive of the Advertising Association

Supporting our Ukrainian ad industry colleagues

The Advertising Association has been using its close association with UK government to work out how to best respond to events in Ukraine and help ad talent from the country. CEO Stephen Woodford explains.

Woodford: COP26 is over but momentum behind sustainability must continue

Don’t sit on the sidelines: Five ways ad industry can lead on sustainability after COP26

COP26 may be over, but it's crucial the industry continues the momentum towards a more sustainable future. UK adland can be a world leader in driving that change, writes Advertising Association CEO Stephen Woodford.

DIT and AA: Cannes campaign

Shine on, you creative diamond

Advertising's contribution to the economy is immense and needs protecting.

Advertising's future is in all our hands

What's is in store for adland in 2019?

Stephen Woodford: my family life on YouTube

The Advertising Association's chief executive wins the family trophy for "musical obscurantism"

Delivering a Brexit deal that works for UK advertising

As the UK's departure from the EU moves ever closer, the Advertising Association's Stephen Woodford looks at what UK advertising needs to see from Brexit negotiations so that it remains a leading creative force.

How advertising can power growth beyond Brexit

We are in the middle of vital and seismic changes for our industry and behaviour in advertising is paramount, writes the Advertising Association's chief executive.