Lawrence Weber

Lawrence Weber is a partner at Curve and former managing partner at Karmarama.

Agency transformation needs transformed leadership

Covid-19 has accelerated the need for agencies to change and this requires leadership that is high-functioning, high-performing and built on trust.

The long goodbye of scale: can success ever be sustainable?

How do we start to build models for a steadier, more satisfying type of growth?

Apple's value is in its brand, not in us

The tech giant is facing up to the same challenge that a lot of brands, and their agencies, face every day.

The pro-human brand opportunity

Taking active steps to positively prepare for a future combination of humanity and technology will make you a better marketer.

How screens can bring fun to the dull world of voice

Consumers just don't seem interested in using their shiny new smart speakers for anything particularly shiny. Adding screens will allow brands to experiment.

Humble and human: how this year's SXSW points to a brighter brand future

From fear to ethics, SXSW is growing up and that gives us reasons to be hopeful.

Start-ups lack dose of brand sense

Many start-ups are created, evaluated, managed and, seemingly, scaled, without much brand literacy and a robustly short-term view on marketing.

Is the govt doing enough to promote the UK tech industry?

The impact of technology on society as a whole is something our government needs to have a stronger point of view about, writes Lawrence Weber.

Facebook needs more than just clever data to deliver results for brands

P&G's decision to scale back the use of targeting on their Facebook ads has been met with a certain sense of schadenfreude in some quarters of the industry, especially those concerned by the platform's and Google's increasing market dominance in paid-for digital media, writes Karmarama's Lawrence Weber.

Apple: hardware maker's latest results have analysts calling out 'peak iPhone'

Peak iPhone shows the technology cycle is pausing for breath

Apple's slowing iPhone sales show that even technology's golden boy is subject to the peaks and troughs of innovation, writes Lawrence Weber, managing partner innovation at Karmarama, and co-chair of the IPA's BrandTech group.

The virtual future: experiences not interruption

Virtual reality could fundamentally change how we experience the world, writes Karmarama's managing partner for innovation from this week's Web Summit in Dublin.

As screens disappear, brands need to reappraise how they reach customers

The disappearing screen will demand imagination and trust from brands

As technology requires less screens and more intuitive interfaces, brands need to be more imaginative while creating a more trustworthy bond with customers, says Lawrence Weber, managing partner innovation at Karmarama.