Jennifer Small

Consulting editor
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How marketers have become secret weapons in the great pitching wars

In a competitive new-business environment, agencies are turning to freelance marketers in the quest for the edge.

Image of Atiya Zaidi and Brian Leong

2024 Campaign Big Global Awards judges talk AI, economic challenges and the 'jealousy barometer'

The inaugural Campaign Big Global Awards will cover four continents.

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The upward talent drain: pressure on juniors as ‘gurus’ depart

Senior talent departing agencies has cannibalised industry expertise, with adland leaders citing a 'juniorisation' of agency skillsets.

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'A real wake-up call': media agencies hold the power in the battle for a more sustainable world

The third and final of a series of features looking at the industry and eco-sustainability asks how Campaign’s School Reports’ media agencies are striving to achieve net zero goals.

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'Final warning': turning adland's climate pledges into action

In the first of three features this week looking at issues around sustainability and the Ad Net Zero pledge, Campaign delves into what action the advertising industry is taking to avert environmental disaster.

A group of young "Gen Alpha" teenagers, posing on a balcony

All hail the screenagers: what do influencers mean to Gen Alpha?

The emergent generation of teenagers is rarely seen without one or two screens close at hand. To what extent will they be influenced by creators and brands? And how should they be protected from online harm?

(clockwise from top left) Mary-Grace Olu, Narah Millanaise, Alizée Lawson, Harley-Jo Avery

McCann London and The Women’s Association name Cannes Challenge winners

Four women have won all-expenses paid passes to the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, thanks to a competition launched by McCann London and The Women’s Association.

School Reports 2023: Which agencies rank highest for diversity?

While the School Reports show the situation continues to improve on the gender pay-gap front, as well as on diverse representation, progress remains slow, which could end up costing agencies dear.

Image of Amina Folarin

Oliver CEO Amina Folarin: Yes I'm impatient, but it helps me get stuff done

The agency's new 'fearless and exceptionally bright' UK group chief executive has hit the ground running in her pink velvet Jordan Dunks.

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Media for equity: how the model is fuelling scale-ups

Media owners and start-ups are trading airtime for equity instead of cash, but just how well is the model working?

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The delicious risk of new-economy brands

Start-up brands present an exhilarating ride to the top of the rollercoaster for agencies, but with that comes the added danger of a perilous fall.

Clockwise from top left: Santos, Walawalkar, Read, Evans, Robertson, Mahon

How can adland retain mid-life women and normalise menopause?

A failure by adland to tackle menopause affects workplace representation and the industry's output.

Image from menopause ad campaign

Brands and the $600bn menopause market: cashing in or serving ignored consumers?

As brands wake up to the spending power of midlife women, capturing their attention is fast becoming the next frontier for advertising. But when does menopause marketing turn into ‘menowashing’ and ‘menosploitation’?

A poster promoting menopause initiative GenM

Boots and Royal Mail join 60 brands in GenM’s 'The future is yours' menopause campaign

Ads will appear across 18 UK sites including London, Liverpool, Manchester, Nottingham, Hull, Leeds, Bradford and Huddersfield.

Image taken from EA Sports/Engine campaign 'Long live the Prince'

'A breath of fresh air': judging the Campaign Big Awards early in your career

How the rising star creative panel laughed, loved, and learnt through the judging process – and lived to tell the tale.

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Are brands ignoring 16% of the UK population – and a £4.5bn spend?

Nearly 70 million people live in the UK, and 16% of them are from multi-ethnic backgrounds. A new, updated version of The Black Pound Report reveals the 'untapped economic power' within the £4.5bn annual disposable income of the multi-ethnic consumer.

Image taken from a recent Haribo TV advert showing two policemen in a car sharing a bag of the sweets

All good creative ideas must come to an end, but when?

At what point should a creative approach be ditched, and how do brands and agencies recognise it?

An ad for DFS on a bus shelter.

Pablo reveals first DFS creative to help nation find their 'thing'

DFS one of UK's biggest advertisers, spending upwards of £64m annually.

Government regulations on HFSS products are intended to protect a young audience (Getty Images)

Are the new HFSS rulings an opportunity for the industry to self-regulate?

Industry insiders discuss the pros and cons of adapting the Portman Group model.

Government regulations will restrict advertising HFSS products to a young audience (Getty Images)

HFSS ad rules spark 'scapegoat' concerns among brands

The government’s forthcoming regulations on advertising HFSS products are a perfect opportunity for some creative thinking within the tightest of parameters. Can alcohol marketers provide a useful pointer or two?