Jonathan Weinberg

Samuel L Jackson in a recent Warburtons ad

Reigniting old flames: why some senior creatives are moving away from agency life

Partnering with former clients, and enjoying the freedoms that having a more direct relationship can bring, are tempting more agency staffers to set up on their own.

Image of an independent strategist's office

Nimble, lean and focused: the evolution of planners turned consultants

It's never easy setting up on your own but clients are increasingly finding that a scaled-down, more agile strategy partner is the perfect fit.

Line of people

Churn concern: How are agencies tackling high staff turnover?

Agencies continued to see a high turnover of staff in 2022, but as client and economic pressures have shifted, so too has the approach to hiring new recruits.

Outline of crowd of people coloured in white and black

Are you baking in bias to your ad without knowing it?

Audience segmentation is perpetuating stereotypes through generalised demographic data and biased insight, but there are ways round it.

Montage of Butterkist and Nando's tactial ads next to media coverage of Queen's death

Why tactical ads need a strategy

Recent political sagas, high-profile court cases and national events have lent themselves to reactive ads, but should brands and their partner agencies jump in without a longer-term plan? Experts explain the growing need for strategies behind tactical ads.