Marty Davies

Marty Davies

Let's try for Bi

How can we take on the creative challenge of Bi+ representation?

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The future is queer

Our industry is quick to engage LGBTQIA+ colleagues to mine them for their trauma, time and creativity, but it is also slow to recognise the growing mental-health crisis that results from the environment we find ourselves in.

Marty Davies

Transmasculine visibility and the joy of finally being seen

How to ensure true transmasc representation in advertising campaigns.

Marty Davies

Sport for all? A look at Dylan Mulvaney's other brand deal

The way Nike handled transphobic abuse should be applauded.

Marty Davies

Was this Pride Month a watershed moment for advertisers and disinformation?

The anti-trans hate continues to intensify and so does the scrutiny on brands to interrogate their role in the ecosystem of disinformation.

Marty Davies: the era of hollow LGBTQIA+ advocacy is over

In a new regular column, the joint chief executive of Outvertising will set out a platform and guide to hold the ad industry to account.

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Is adspend funding an increase in LGBTQIA+ hate crime?

Endless anti-trans reporting is driving clicks and ruining lives, and advertisers need to act.

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Being non-binary in adland

The one thing uniting all gender identities outside the binary is that – in the eyes of this pervasive social system – they are performing gender wrong.

How should brands work with UK’s Drag Race queens?

Ahead of the final episode of RuPaul's Drag Race UK season two, Outvertising asks: 'Who is going to front the next H&M campaign?'