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Design specs: what you need to know

Your design and artwork must be completely original. Your design must include the standard Campaign masthead and it must maintain its size and placement.

The Campaign masthead is white or black. The masthead can have a full bleed colour behind it if it is across the whole page but if it is with artwork below and the masthead as it's own entity, it needs to have six clear gird lines below the bottom of the masthead as shown in the artwork template.

You are designing the cover wrap (see image right), the design that surrounds the editorial cover of the magazine, front and back, and in the same paper stock.

Your artwork must also account for a small postal bar code that will be applied to lower left corner and pricing information in the top corner of the artwork. You should not include a gap in your work for this but please consider what part of the artwork this may cover.

Winners will have time to adjust accordingly based on technical needs prior to printing.

Click here to download the Campaign logos with a cover template to include in your design or use to inspire your work.

Your artwork should be: Trim: 230mm x 230mm Type: 200.6mm x 254.6mm Bleed: .240mm x 290mm.

Please submit your entry in PDF format .

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Entry deadline 
7 November 2017


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