Campaign covers the latest trends from Europe's largest digital marketing event.

Campaign @ Dmexco 2017

"Transparency is keeping me up at night" Marc Pritchard

"We have to get out of our segments": Alison Lewis, global CMO, Johnson & Johnson

Microsoft: chatbots need a redefinition

dmexco17: Industry meets at Campaign party

"I'm sure Shakespeare would have loved 360-degree video"

'Digital has been the salvation in marketing': DirectLine's marketing director Mark Evans

'Absolute desire to purchase' is the perfect made-up metric: Disney's CMO Anna Hill

Your ad is viewable but did anybody see it?

Dmexco 2016: revenge, rivalry and virtual reality

"Don Draper's not taken a back seat - but he has equals" Sir Martin Sorrell

Day 30: 5 ways to build brand stories using programmatic

Day 29: Bringing down the walled garden of cross-device

Day 28: VIDEO - Why Cross-Device is the True Path to Purchase

Day 27: Dmexco in quotes - the measure of success

Day 26: 7 apps you need to download for Dmexco

Day 25: Programmatic goes native

Day 24: Connected Life - What's next for programmatic TV?

Native going native: A brief to fit 1000 countries

Day 23: Artificial intelligence and the future of programmatic

Day 22: Dmexco buzzwords - content marketing

The four most important meetings at Dmexco

Day 21: Dining out near Dmexco

Day 20: Dmexco in quotes - data

Day 19: Dmexco trends for 2016

Top 5 rules for driving real performance-based outcomes

Day 18: A day in the life - Nielsen Marketing Cloud

Day 17: How the digital world's changed since the first Dmexco

Day 16: Dmexco buzzwords - mobile

Day 15: Dmexco Survival Guide part 2 - The Kit

Day 14: Dmexco in quotes - digital audiences

Day 13: Dmexco buzzwords - programmatic

Day 12: Dmexco Survival Guide part 1 - The Plan

Media planning builds walls - audience planning builds bridges

Day 11: Seven Dmexco talks you can't afford to miss

Day 10: Three areas where programmatic will change the face of advertising

Day 9: A day in the life - The Trade Desk, UK

Day 8: Connected Life - what's next for the Internet of Things

Day 7: Dmexco in quotes - Mobile

Day 6: Getting emotional with big data

Day 5: Game on - why mobile games are programmatic's next frontier

Day 4: Dmexco buzzwords - virtual reality

Day 3: Why digital needs the real world

Day 2: Connected Life - what's next for programmatic audio

Day 1: Five ways data is improving consumer experiences

What happened at Dmexco 2016?

Tech discoveries of the year

What's the key to effective brand storytelling?

Embracing digital disruption - what's next?

Spotify, P&G and BBC on the programmatic future

13-14 September 2017


Dmexco Decoded 2017

Dmexco Decoded 2016