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When East meets West: The opportunity for brands

China is one of the world’s largest advertising markets and contributors to global growth, and with a population of over 1.4 billion it is hardly surprising that there is an influx of western brands wanting a slice of the market. Although China presents a big opportunity for brands, there are many challenges to consider when looking to enter or expand your brand’s presence in an extremely complex and dynamic market. Increased competition from smaller players and local businesses, and a slowdown in China’s economic growth means that advertisers need to find new ways of marketing to consumers in China to sustain their growth trajectory.

Many brands have tried and failed in China, so how can you build a market entry and advertising strategy that will succeed in China when so many others have failed? And how can you continue to drive growth in China when there are new competitors springing up on a daily basis?

At Campaign’s must attend event, we will hear from both brands and agencies on how to successfully build, and continue to drive growth in China. Attendees will leave with a better handle on the fragmented media landscape, and with practical advice on how to develop a strategy that will support long-term brand success in one of the most challenging and contested markets on the planet.

Join us at Regent Street Cinema, London on 7 May to find out:

  • The ever-evolving media landscape: understanding the Chinese media environment and the media owner, agency and brand relationship
  • Building an e-commerce strategy: how to build a balanced e-commerce strategy through platforms and owned channels
  • The social commerce opportunity: how have platforms like WeChat developed over the past 12 months, and what sales-driven opportunities has this opened up for brands?
  • Localise or lose out: key considerations for localising your strategy at a regional level to ensure product and brand relevance among Chinese consumers

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