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Brand v performance: the marketer’s dilemma

“Brand v performance: the marketer’s dilemma” is the subject of Campaign’s next Breakfast Briefing.

Getting the balance right between short-term performance and long-term brand-building is one of the greatest challenges facing the modern marketer.

At this must-attend event, we will hear from both “performance” advertisers that are experts in digital marketing and now investing in brand and traditional advertisers that are becoming more performance-driven and going “direct to consumer”.

Join us at Regent Street Cinema, London on 14 March to find out:

  • How have leading marketers found the right balance between brand and performance?
  • How can agencies offer both performance marketing solutions and long-term brand-building craft? Or, in fact, should agencies specialise in one or the other?
  • Does the growing importance of digital marketing mean the traditional 60:40 balance between brand-building and direct response is shifting towards short-term performance?

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