Campaign Breakfast Briefings provide the marketing community with thought-provoking opportunities to learn about where our industry is heading next.

Blockchain: Myth versus reality

The hype around blockchain technology has also caused considerable confusion. Is it a database? A currency? Is it like Bitcoin and what is an ICO or a TGE and does it matter?

For our latest Breakfast Briefing, in partnership with Results International, brings together blockchain experts as well as its proponents and opponents within the industry to give you a clear understanding of the technology and the impact it could have on the creative communities.

Topics to be discussed on 6th June include:

  • What's true and what's bullshit about blockchain? A keynote talk by a technology expert that will provide a clear explanation of the tech and expose some of its biggest misconceptions
  • A case study that demonstrates the use of blockchain beyond cryptocurrency: A presentation by an agency and a brand on how they used blockchain to solve a problem, followed by by a fireside chat examining further applications of the tech for the industry
  • Can and should blockchain be used to solve media's transparency problem? A lively panel debate with proponents and opponents of the use of this technology for this purpose, along with the participation of neutral industry experts.
  • Brands using blockchain technology and why: Throughout the event, the Campaign focus will be, as ever, on marketing and advertising.

You will leave this event with:

  • A clear, understanding of how the technology works and how it can be applied
  • Ideas for its use within media, advertising and branding.
  • An insight into its limitations as well as its potential.

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