8.30 Registration and morning refreshments

09:00 Chair’s Opening Remarks

Lisa O'Keefe, Executive director of insight, Sport England

09:05 Using sport to place your brand at the heart of the community
  • Positioning brands as supporters of values close to consumers hearts, to deliver authentic messages
  • Recognising and promoting the valuable work being done through grassroots sport and nurturing the positive impact this has on communities
  • Supporting local sporting groups and building stronger communities who are receptive to your brand values and message

Pete Markey, Chief marketing officer, TSB

09:30 Do you understand your audience? Delivering authentic sports campaigns
  • Using bespoke, targeted messaging to engage consumers directly and at scale
  • Adding genuine value to consumers through your campaigns and partnerships
  • Delivering your brand message with genuine and purposeful storytelling to build more meaningful connections with consumers
  • Building a deeper understanding of sports and fan culture to target your content

Kirsty Clarke, Director of sport, Stonewall
Irina Zhygonova, Chief marketing officer, Nemiroff
Dan Staples, Director of brand marketing, WiggleCRC
Desiree Clarke-Noble, Managing director, head of brand and marketing, Europe and Asia-Pacific, Royal Bank of Canada
Nicola Kemp, Trends editor, Campaign

10:10 Rethinking sport for teenage girls today
  • Understanding the influences in the broader context of girls’ lives today to prompt behaviour change
  • Re-setting the role sport plays and the emotions it triggers
  • Getting underneath the issues and generating new thinking, which can make a difference

Kate Nicholson, Head of Insight and Innovation, Women in Sport
Wendy Hawk, Head of Fundraising and Communications, Women in Sport

10: 35 Networking break

10:55 Leveraging the power of Esports and Live Events to reach new audiences
  • Utilising social media throughout the campaign to interact with audiences
  • Building live, ticketed events that offer value and incorporate audiences' interests, such as Esports
  • Understanding who this medium works for, and the target audiences that respond

Matt Stevenson, Head of sport sponsorship, EE
Nicolas Roope, Executive creative director, POKE

11:20 What’s next for broadcast rights?
      • New broadcaster perspective: Hear first hand how platforms like twitter plan to continue to invest in sports
      • How can brands profit from the trend for creating bespoke sports content such as documentaries
      • How have brands taken advantage of broadcasters buying rights to smaller sports and will this success translate to larger sports?

Theo Luke, Director, content partnerships EMEA, Twitter

11:45 Using sport for good
      • How to make the ask for donations from a sports crowd
      • Making sure your cause and message resonate with your audience
      • Making sure that brand and sporting partners share your values, and building stronger partnerships

Sam Shave, Sports partnerships lead, Comic Relief

12:10 Creating content for next level engagement
        • Understanding how modern fans create their own content and how marketers can become content producers
        • Engaging consumers directly rather than going through rights holders
        • Learning how to make sure content is viewable and shareable across all channels and mediums

Raj Mannick, Head of sport, Yahoo UK

12:35 Lunch

13:45 Targeting new and diverse audiences through sport
  • Looking at how sports are seeking to capture younger audiences, whilst balancing with traditional values
  • Understanding how to capture the attention of a younger audience who is moving away from traditional sports formats but remains the most engaged digitally ever
  • Engaging multiple audiences with conflicting motivations and interests on an equal level, all at one major sporting event

Adrian Wells, Director of marketing, communication & ticketing, International Cricket Council

Breakout Sessions
14:25 How can rights holders deliver in a multi channel landscape?

Case Study

  • Understanding how rights holders will provide value for brands with content spread across multiple channels
  • Understanding how to capture the attention of a younger audience who is moving away from traditional sports formats but remains the most engaged digitally ever
  • Engaging multiple audiences with conflicting motivations and interests on an equal level, all at one major sporting event

Keegan Pierce, UK & Ireland Delegate, LaLiga

14:25 Using technology and messaging to unlock passion and fan engagement in sports

Case Study

  • Integrating automated chatbots, interactivity and video experiences into an audience’s sporting experience
  • Using sports focused Viber communities to strengthen relationships between fans
  • Considering how audiences interact with technologies to implement them effectively
  • Expanding the fan experience with technology to deepen fan relationships and strengthen brand association

Daniela Ivanova, Partnerships manager, Rakuten Viber
Etienne Dupont, Business development director CEE, Rakuten Viber

15:05 Networking Break

Breakout Sessions
15:35 Changing brand perspective through sport – The England World Cup campaign

Case study

  • Demonstration of how a brand sporting association has changed consumers perception of a brand
  • Finding common values between your brand and your audience when building partnerships
  • Designing a campaign that speaks directly to the sports audience and issues they are passionate about

Mark Bullingham, Chief commercial & football development officer, The FA

15:35 Beyond the corporate box: How is traditional sponsorship evolving?

Case study

  • Uncovering brands approaches to sponsorship, and what make an opportunity worthwhile
  • Sponsorship has often been very passive; how is this changing?
  • Identifying if sponsorship is the right investment for your brand

Alejandro Fiecconi, Global brand manager, Unilever

16:15 Leveraging grassroots to make your voice heard in an overcrowded space
  • Targeting non traditional sports with smaller but highly dedicated followers to be the definitive name in that space
  • Promoting grassroots through unconventional channels to reach new and more engaged audiences
  • Starting conversations with consumers directly by championing causes through grassroots

Tom Kingsley, Director - Sport industry group leader, EY
Mel Bound, Founder, This Mum Runs

16:40 The Modern Fans who are changing sport forever
  • Analysing COPA90's Modern Football Fan report, and exclusively preview some of the key insights and highlights, from gaming being used as the test labs for future technology, to fan controlled games
  • Highlighting women in football and how brands are finally waking up to the potential partnership opportunities
  • Looking into women’s game consumption habits, technological shifts and new behaviour, appetite and interest amongst Generation Z and explore how the women’s game is changing

James Kirkham, Chief business officer, COPA90

17:05 Closing Remarks

17:10 Close of Conference

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