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Marketing demands creative thinking and, sometimes, you need to dig deep to find what lies beneath.

Campaign Underground is a unique series of live events bringing together unexpected voices in unusual places. Whether in an underground crypt, an industrial metal works or a crumbling music hall, the events present a rare chance to be genuinely inspired.

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Focal recall: The art and science of mastering memories

19 September 2018 | FEST Camden, London

Tick followed tock followed tick followed tock…
You still remember.
But why?

How both long- and the short-term memory affects brand success is always fascinating – marketing's long standing obsession with memory is well documented – but would the iconic campaigns we remember have the same impact today?

In a new age of information bombardment and swipe culture, how can brands expect to command attention, let alone stay memorable?

If the answer to creating powerful brand memory structures is in sensory experiences, how can you be sure that you’re creating lasting brand memories and not just fleeting impressions?

Campaign Underground’s fourth edition, in association with Green Room , delved deep into the intriguing neuroscience of memory to reveal how humans create memories and where they live. We heard from the brands behind the most memorable campaigns to find out if they were actually based on science, or a result of creative instinct.


    • Liz Telford
    • Ed Cooke
    • Rebecca Nascimento
      Birds Eye
    • Dr Amy Milton
      University of Cambridge
    • Mike Roberts
      Green Room
  • Heather Andrew
    Neuro-Insight UK
  • Dr Cathrine Jansson-Boyd
    Consumer Psychologist
  • Mark Earls
    The HERDmeister


13.45 The doors unlock...

Experience being in the Eye of the Storm, play Lymbic Limbo and immerse yourself in an 80's birthday party.

14.25 Foreword: An Underground Welcome

By Campaign

14.30 Prologue: Chair's intro

By Mark Earls, the HERDmeister

14.45 Chapter I: Memory: using the past to predict the future

By Dr Amy Milton , Lecturer in the Department of Psychology, University of Cambridge

Memory is simultaneously one of the most mundane and most amazing functions of the brain. We all remember - and forget - but how does the brain store our past experiences? Why do we remember some experiences better than others? And how did a boy falling off a bicycle fundamentally change our understanding of how memory works? This brief introduction to memory research will consider the science behind memory storage, and consider whether memory is really about looking forward rather than back.

15.05 Chapter II: Driving brand affinity through abstracted emotional recall

By Mike Roberts, Chief Creative Officer, Green Room

Designing for the senses can help customers stretch back into the past and forwards into the future by evoking and creating lasting memories. But how can space and time link abstract memory and current experience, to increase product engagement in a retail environment? This talk will demonstrate how elevating sensory engagement can transform customers mind-states to increase both dwell-time and propensity to buy.

15.30 Chapter III: Sensory science laid bare

By Dr Cathrine Jansson-Boyd, Consumer Psychologist

Vision, touch, smell, hearing and taste are often used to create a better consumer experience. The senses are known to have the capacity to capture our attention and alter the way in which we perceive products and services. They are also closely connected to memory. This session will explore if our senses can be used to make consumers remember products and marketing stimuli.

15.50 Chapter IV: Leveraging memory response for effective brand communication

By Heather Andrew, CEO, Neuro-Insight (UK) Limited

The Guinness Surfer Ad is 20 years old this year, yet "tick followed tock, followed tick, followed tock" is a vivid memory...but how can marketers measure this Long-Term Memory Encoding? This talk explores the key drivers of memory response, revealing how brands can leverage them to develop more effective advertising.

16.10 Break

Enjoy some Retro Revelry, play Nifty Mnemonics and experience a taste to remember (if you dare)....

16.45 Chapter V: Captain Birds Eye : The modernisation of a national treasure

By Becky Nascimento, General Marketing Manager, Birds Eye

‘Captain Birds Eye is now a hottie and no one knows how to handle it’ read the Sun’s headline when Birds Eye launched their new advertising campaign featuring a new contemporary Captain. Now in his 51st year, Captain Birds Eye is a national treasure and one of the most distinctive assets within FMCG marketing. Hear how Birds Eye balanced modernisation, with memory structures for a successful brand relaunch

17.05 Chapter VI:How 80s nostalgia helped MoneySuperMarket deliver epic results

By Liz Telford, Head of Brand, MoneySuperMarket

In the million mile an hour world in which we live and a noisy, low-interest category, how does a price comparison website win the attention of its target audience and get the nation talking? By the power of greyskull and with the help of one of the UK’s most-loved action figures, MoneySuperMarket has been able to stand out from the crowd – and helped the UK save £2bn in the process.

17.25 Chapter VII: Just make it memorable

By Ed Cooke, C0-Founder, Memrise

Grand master of memory Ed Cooke delivers a rapid-fire tour through the history of memory techniques, showcasing some memory demonstrations and guiding you on a journey into how to remember anything. After tuning your skills in how to make things memorable in your own mind, he explores how to apply the same techniques to making marketing materials magnificently memorable.

17:50 Q&A and Epilogue

By Mark Earls, the HERDmeister

Green Room is a human experience design studio that enriches people’s lives. A perfect blend of art and science, combining physical, digital and communications to produce seamless multi-channel solutions that connect through the senses, fulfilling the emotional needs of the customer and the commercial needs of brands.

With 2 studios, working across 5 continents, Green Room partner with globally respected brands including Mercedes Benz, Bose, ASICS, Timberland and SEAT, to deliver extraordinary impact for their customers.

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A great way to step away from your desk and take the time to engage with something new. Jessica Enright, Director, Beamly
Inspiring, pacey, educational, upbeat, informal, well organised and fun! The interesting agenda came alive with speakers who were knowledgeable and passionate about their subjects and was enhanced by deliciously experiential surroundings. Fabulous! Jayne Lunnon, General Manager, UK, TePe Oral Hygiene Products
The entire event from the moment you walk in to the moment you leave was an experiential, insightful, educational pleasure! So different to the usual conference set up which can get a little dreary, I was engaged from start to finish with this one and could have done it all again! Sophie Millington, Senior Retail Marketing Officer, Pandora

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