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The Economics of Emotion

Hate, joy, fear. Acquisition, retention, attribution. Can marketing really prove emotions drive business? 

20 September 2017 | Proud Camden

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Humans crave emotion. There’s a stampede to forge authentic brand connections. Brands tug heartstrings and 'sadverts' leave us in tears.

But does such strategy alone influence consumers enough to change buying behaviour? How does the modern marketer measure this influence… and how far is too far? If it makes you cry, do you really want to buy it?

In Campaign Underground's second edition, in association with Total Media, the behavioural planning agency , we explore how emotional loyalty and brand authenticity impacts behaviour. With the help of leading marketers and experts, can we ease the friction between analytics and emotion? Can we relate the intangible to tangible results?


14.45 The doors unlock…
The Proud Camden stables have transformed into sensory chambers for exploration.

15.15 Foreword: An Underground welcome
By Tom Laranjo, Managing Director, Total Media

15.20 Prologue: Chair's intro
Can we ease the friction between analytics and emotion? Can we relate the intangible to tangible results?
By Mark Earls, the HERDmeister

15.30 Chapter I: It’s not about Damsels in Distress
How you can use political insight approaches to understand what makes people tick, and develop powerful and effective advertising that touches the soul.
By Cheryl Calverley, Head of Marketing at The AA

15.50 Chapter II: The cognitive processes behind emotional marketing
The huge advancements in neuro-marketing and other behavioural studies have shown that appealing to our emotional brain is one of the most effective ways for brands to stimulate a reaction or connection.
By Tom Laranjo, Managing Director, Total Media

16.10 Chapter III: The science of emotion
How have emotions gone from being a gut-feeling to a science? A journey into biometrics and artificial intelligence.
By Gawain Morrison, Co-Founder and CEO, Sensum

16.25 Interval
Explore the sensory chambers: how sight, sound and taste create memorable experiences and impact emotion.

16.55 Chapter IV: Driving loyalty through emotive experience
John Lewis is famous for emotive TV advertising. How does this approach extend into its customer strategy and direct marketing? Has engaging customers with emotive experiences across its channels been commercially successful?
By Chris Bates, Head of CRM and Digital Marketing, John Lewis and Jess Hargreaves, MD, PrettyGreen

17.15 Chapter V: How to work with people’s brains, not against them
Compared with ads that focus on a key message, those that make a creative impact with branded, emotional engagement at their heart, have a clearer relationship with in-market sales.
By Jane Bloomfield, Head of Marketing at Kantar Millward Brown

17.35 Chapter VI: Using emotions to quantify creative quality at scale
VIRTUE and RealEyes have partnered to understand creative effectiveness through social impact. This session explores the importance of implementing a robust testing approach, presenting a case study from VIRTUE’s work with Coca-Cola.
By Mihkel Jäätma, CEO and Founder, Realeyes and Thomas Webster, Strategic Innovation Lead, VIRTUE Worldwide/VICE Media

17.50 Chapter VII: The power of empathy
Technology drives an empathy deficit, despite its promises of democratisation. Our biases become embedded in our algorithms and empathy becomes more scarce. Based on real changes that have impacted performance in global companies, Parmar puts the case for businesses to be more empathic.
By Belinda Parmar OBE, Author and Activist, The Empathy Business

18.20 Q&A and Epilogue
By Mark Earls, the HERDmeister


    • Cheryl Carveley
      Head of Marketing
      The AA
    • Belinda Parmar OBE
      The Empathy Business
    • Gawain Morrison
      CEO and Co-founder
    • Tom Laranjo
      Managing Director
      Total Media
    • Jess Hargreaves
      Managing Director
    • Jane Bloomfield
      Head of Marketing
      Kantar Millward Brown
    • Chris Bates
      Head of CRM & Digital Marketing
      John Lewis
    • Mihkel Jäätma
      CEO and Founder
    • Thomas Webster
      Strategic Innovation Lead
      VIRTUE Worldwide/VICE Media
    • Mark Earls
      The HERDmeister


“A great way to step away from your desk and take the time to engage with something new.” - Jessica Enright, Director, Beamly

“Inspiring, pacey, educational, upbeat, informal, well organised and fun! The interesting agenda came alive with speakers who were knowledgeable and passionate about their subjects and was enhanced by deliciously experiential surroundings. Fabulous!” - Jayne Lunnon, General Manager, UK, TePe Oral Hygiene Products

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