09:30 Chair’s opening remarks

09:40 Who wants to play? Getting to grips with the stats on who the gaming audience is in 2020
  • A deep dive into the data behind the gaming universe
  • Busting some of the myths around the gender and age of gamers
  • Why gaming might be the dominant media channel in the next 5 years

Phil Rowley, head of futures, Omnicom
Peter Hoskin, editor, Tortoise Media

10:00 Session Break

10:10 Case Study: How Pride harnessed the power of Social Gaming to become a global shared experience

Arnaud Robin, innovations director, We Are Social
Melantha Tan, planner, We Are Social Singapore

11:10 Session Break

11:20 Why brands must ensure that they understand gaming culture in order to effectively engage with the audiences on gaming consoles
  • How to avoid inauthentic messages
  • Adopting a community first approach
  • Tapping into the passion of gamers

Claire Kim, director, Network advertising, Sony Playstation

11:40 Session Break

11:50 Getting to grips with the basics of Native advertising
  • Where should brands start?
  • Practical tips and entry level activities that can jumpstart your brand’s initiation into gaming in a meaningful and authentic way

Nina Mackie, global agency partnerships director, Admix

12:10 Session Break

12:20 Panel: Detoxifying the gaming space

  • How can brands gain access to gaming audiences whilst avoiding some of the less regulated corners of the gaming universe? 
  • Are there effective tools that can be used to insulate brands from negative associations online?

George Osborne, head of communications, Ukie - The Association for UK Interactive Entertainment

13:00 Lunch

14:00 The relationship between music, marketing and games
  • Illustrating how these two mediums are already inextricably intertwined
  • Travis Scott and Fortnite:Post lockdown, is there a place for in-game concerts to become the norm?
  • Will games provide musicians with a much more direct link to their listeners than traditional channels?

Jon Cooke, director, global advertisers and agencies, MoPub, a Twitter company

14:20 Session break

14:30 Gamer personas and categories
  • What is the distinction between casual gamers and hardcore gamers?
  • How should you be making this distinction when marketing to these audiences?
  • Discover why most senior marketers are failing to reach the average UK gamer
  • Why you might be surprised at the age, sex and income of the average gamer in the UK

14:50 Session break

15:00 The immersive world of esports
  • Is there room for unconventional brands to work with esports teams?
  • Can sponsoring esports players give brands a more intimate relationship with fans than live games?
  • Why engaging in esports can be so much more than putting a logo on a jersey

15:20 Session break

15:30 Gaming and Social media
  • Getting to grips with the phenomenon of Twitch
  • Why all social media marketing should be paired with a comprehensive gaming strategy
  • Should brands be pairing up their YouTube and gaming strategy?
  • How will Nintendo’s new guidelines shape the way brands are engaging in social games in 2021 and beyond?

15:50 Session break

16:00 Panel: Do brand marketing teams currently have the skills in house to market their brands effectively over the next ten years?
  • Will a failure to hire gaming experts result in certain brands being left behind?
  • Can marketers remain relevant as the internet and gaming merge into one blended platform?
  • What is needed to develop these skills in house?
  • Should brands be relying more heavily on specialist agencies?

16:45 Chair’s closing remarks

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