08:30 - Registration and morning refreshments

09:30 - Chair’s opening remarks

09:40 - Opening keynote: Getting a grip on gaming in 2022 to extend your demographic reach
  • More brands might be moving towards game marketing, but how do we define ‘gaming’ in 2022?
  • How have brands ramped up game marketing campaigns over the past year?
  • Where should you start when trying to crack the gaming ecosystem?

George Osborn, Head of Communications, UKIE

10:25 - Presentation - How can brands win in gaming? Investing in partnerships that gamers care about
  • Why should gamers care about your brand? How to create meaningful value for gamers through events, content and community support.
  • How do brands stay relevant, exciting and newsworthy? 
  • Brands need to impact at a global level to get noticed. Partnership opportunities that create bigger impact.

10:35 - Presentation - Elevating engagement: How much is engagement based upon personal interests?
  • Are esports fans more engaged than other audiences?
  • How do external personal interests affect which games people engage with?
  • How aligning gaming campaigns with wider interests elevates engagement

11:10 - Consolidating clarity: deciding on a clear strategy to unlock gaming success
  • Where should you start when planning an effective gaming strategy
  • Many brands looking to move into gaming struggle to nail down an effective strategy. How heavily is your strategy prescribed by the area of gaming you're involved in?
  • How knowing when to tap into influencers, media and esports will create an agile and effective gaming strategy

11:35 - Networking break

Choose between the Strategy or Applications stream
(You will be able to view the other stream's sessions on-demand on the online event platform.)

Stream one: Strategy
Stream two: Applications
11:10 - Presentation: Targeting gamer audiences successfully - where should you even start?
  • With around 40% of the global population engaging in some form of gaming, how do you understand such a diverse audience?
  • Debating whether demographic or contextual metrics better at helping brands understand their audiences
  • Are brands at an advantage through having a pre-made community when it comes to gaming?

Elizabeth Lane, Head of Research and Measurement, IAB UK

11:10 - Presentation: Establishing esports authenticity: Is it only for sports brands?
  • How do you establish a connection with an already consolidated, core audience?
  • Do you need to be a sport-related brand to be authentic
  • Esports often comes with higher revenue turnover, how do you avoid appearing as if you’re just in it for the money?
    round 46% of all gamers being female, how can you ensure that your marketing campaigns are equally geared toward female gamers?

Gavin Johnson, Media Director, City Football Group

11:35 -  Panel: The influencer influx - how to incorporate influencers within your campaigns to increase credibility
  • Brands have been using influencers in marketing campaigns for years, how are gamer influencers different?
  • How can you identify the right gaming talent to represent your brand?
  • Are gaming influencers chained to the gaming universe or can they work across other mediums?

Stephanie Ijoma,  Founder,  NNESAGA

11:35  - Panel: Checking in with charities - what can you learn from gaming’s dark horse?
  • Are charities more likely to receive the most positive response from gamers as they’re ‘for a good cause’?
  • How can charities foster partnerships if they can’t offer counter incentives?
  • Is it easier for some charities to get recognition within gaming than others?

Rob Mackenzie,  Senior New Partnerships Specialist – Sector Lead Technology,  Cancer Research UK

Andy Johnson-Creek,  Head of PR,  Help for Heroes

12:10 - Presentation: NFTs and cryptocurrencies in gaming - are you staying on the right side of the law
  • What factors should you be aware of before launching NFTs and cryptocurrencies within gaming?
  • What is the current status of regulation of NFTs and cryptocurrencies and what impact does this have on your campaign?
  • What regulations might be coming up in 2022 around the incorporation of NFTs and cryptocurrencies in games?

Isabel Davies,  Associate,  Wiggin

12:55 - Fireside chat: Diversity and inclusion (D&I) in gaming: Working with the natural inclusivity of gaming without alienating certain demographics
  • With around 46% of all gamers being female, how can you ensure that your marketing campaigns are equally geared toward female gamers?
  • Is gaming stereotypically exclusive or a catalyst for change
  • How can gaming be used to enhance your demographic and increase campaign conversions?
13:15 - Lunch
14:15 - Presentation:  Managing monetization - knowing where to splash the cash for maximum impact
  • Monetizing items within games is a popular strategy within game marketing, but how do you choose which items to monetize?
  • Are you restricted to only monetizing items that are directly linked to your physical products or are there opportunities for wider monetization?
  • Is monetization binary or can brands take a hybrid approach?

Kostyantyn Lobov, Partner, Harbottle & Lewis

14:15 -  Case study: Fashion forward - how are fashion brands elevating campaign engagement through gaming?
  • How have high-end fashion brands harnessed gaming in the last 12 months to elevate their marketing campaigns?
  • With high-end brands dominating this space, is there room for high street fashion brands?
  • Outlining tips for breaking into gaming as a fashion brand

Jo Jones,  Global Head of Communications,  DREST

14:40 - Panel: The psychology of gaming and getting into the gamer mindset to boost campaign effectiveness
  • How can understanding the gamer mindset help you to create more relevant and engaging campaigns?
  • Why it is important for you to understand the psychology of gaming to increase ROI
  • How to make mental health a priority when creating gaming campaigns

Patrick Fagan , Behavioural Scientist & Guest Lecturer, UCL

14:40 - Case study - Feeding your gaming appetite: How Cadbury are accessing new customers through gaming
  • How has Cadbury propelled their marketing campaigns through the use of gaming and what can you learn from them?
  • Cadbury demonstrates how you can tailor your gaming strategy to fit all budgets and target audiences
  • How can you foster a more ‘collaboration over competition’ approach to your gaming strategy, like Cadbury have?

Charlie Griffith, Senior Account Director, VCCP

15:05 - Presentation: Keeping it legal - ensuring safeguarding within your gaming campaigns

  • Are there additional legal factors for you to consider when executing game marketing campaigns, in comparison to other types of campaign?
  • Who is responsible for safeguarding the audience - brand or game publisher?
  • How can brands, associations and agencies work together to enhance brand safety within gaming?
    virtual concerts within gaming platforms becoming more common, how important is gaming in sonically inspiring a generation of artists?

Tim Repa-Davies , Game Development and Publishing Lawyer, Sheridans

13:05 - Case study: Capitalising on the power of gaming: How Duracell are powering millions of millennial gamers
  • How you can harness the capabilities of gaming to reach millennial and Gen Z audiences, like Duracell have
  • How has Duracell built partnerships between love-brands and how can you do the same?
  • How Duracell has utilised gaming to create relevance from above the line (ATL) to shopper floor communications and what you can learn from this

Siem Los , Marketing Manager, Duracell UK

15:25 - Networking break

15:45 - Panel: How can you ensure authenticity when creating effective, credible gaming campaigns?
  • Authenticity is a top priority for brands merging into a new sector of marketing, but what does it actually mean?
  • Is authenticity simply down to how closely your product is linked to the game it’s marketed in?
  • How at risk are you of damaging your credibility if your gaming campaigns appear to be inauthentic?

Jonathan Dodd , Manager, Global Creator Partnerships - Apex Legends, Battlefield, Need for Speed, EA Star Wars, EAO, EA Sports
Tarja Porkka-Kontturi, Director of Communications, The Global Game Jam
Edward Peters, Head of Digital Partnerships & Business Development, European Tour Group
Johnny Winn, Head of Advertising, O2, VMO2 and Virgin Mobile
Anthony Lawson, Head of Sales - EMEA, Activision Blizzard

16:15 - Presentation - Tailoring talent towards gaming : Is it necessary?
  • Is there a benefit to employing talent specifically for game marketing?
  • Is game marketing geared towards younger marketers?; does it risk alienating older team members?
  • Are you equipped with enough knowledge about the emerging metaverse in order to build teams which can work with it?

Ben Malka, Director & Head of InterTalent Esports and Gaming, InterTalent Rights Group

16:40 - Presentation -  Perfecting partnerships: Do they actually make any difference in gaining gamer trust?
  • Are partnerships essential in helping you to build trust amongst the gaming audience?
  • Partnerships are a collaboration - how do you get the balance right of this value exchange?
  • Are partnerships simply a short-term, fast-track strategy to get into gaming? 

Jonathan Dodd , Manager, Global Creator Partnerships - Apex Legends, Battlefield, Need for Speed, EA Star Wars, EAO,  EA Sports

17:25 - Chair’s closing remarks

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