How to be a great workplace: Avantgarde London

As part of our #EventCareers and Workplace report, we explore the working culture at brand experience agency Avantgarde London.

How to be a great workplace: Avantgarde London
How to be a great workplace: Avantgarde London

Agency Avantgarde is focused on creating a family-style culture in the workplace - necessary in an industry of late nights, creative meetings and long projects.

"We are a close-knit group who will share everything," says Julie Sexton, senior account director. "We have a dedicated team who will always stay late to help a client or one another, not because they have to, but because they want to."

This positivity is instilled and rewarded through benefits such as a bottle of champagne on birthdays, travel opportunities and tickets to events, alongside monetary incentives. And these aren't just reserved for winning a client or hours in the office - they are also given to those members of staff who demonstrate hard work and proactive thinking.

The latter is encouraged by a relaxed hierarchical structure that lets even the most junior team members contribute creatively. "We believe everyone should have the chance to get involved in all elements of the business, whether in a supporting role to allow them to gain experience, or in a leading role to learn responsibility and management," explains Sexton. "Everyone is encouraged to contribute ideas in our creative meetings; you never know where a good idea will come from."

Training is high on the agenda, with everyone expected to take part in the agency's internal scheme, which occasionally features learning tailored to a client's needs. "We all believe that it is invaluable to our personal growth to understand all sections of our business, from planning and creative to production," says Sexton.

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