In-housing remains a hot topic for those looking to take ownership of their brand by bringing their marketing and creative operations in-house. Hybrid and other alternative models of dividing up work between agencies and in-house teams are becoming increasingly popular. Another emerging trend is taking data infrastructure in-house. Having control of your data, tech and analytics is key to keeping up with changing rules around data regulations.

Campaign’s In-housing Summit will explore the rise of hybrid models and discuss the benefits and disadvantages of in-housing various functions while bringing brands and agencies together to discuss what the future balance between internal and external campaigns will look like.

Reasons to attend

  • Listen to top brands explain their in-house journey and how they have overcome challenges in their way
  • Hear from experts on the best strategies for moving services in-house and making the hybrid model work
  • Take this opportunity to form new connections, discuss current in-housing trends and learn from each other

Key themes

  • Exploring opportunities for greater ownership of your brand, data analytics and workflows through in-housing marketing services
  • Navigating changing workplace dynamics and new ways of working in in-house teams
  • Understanding the challenges of in-housing and knowing how to overcome common pitfalls in advance

Join us live on the 18th of October

Campaign’s In-housing Summit will explore utilising agency experience to make better strategic decisions in-house, finding the right metrics for long-term transformational growth, plus much more. Secure your ticket today

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