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Women have a huge influence on the UK consumer economy. Brands and advertisers have become smarter at selling to women, but retail experiences for women in some sectors still aren’t reflecting their needs and wants. Tune into this webinar, in association with Green Room, to understand why human experiences – particularly around female customers – are integral to your brand success.

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    Zana Busby Business and Consumer Psychologist, Retail Reflections
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    Catherine Lucas Managing Partner, Green Room Design
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    Fiona Davis Managing Director, The Brand Inspiration Co
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    Alan O'Neill 'The Change Agent'
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    Nicola Kemp Trends Editor, Campaign

You know that truly understanding your customers is one of the most valuable things you can do you for your business. But why are so many brands and businesses not taking the time to make this a priority?

This whitepaper bought to you in partnership with scalable intelligence platform Attest, will help you to understand why consumer research is vital to all brands and businesses. 

The future of the human experience

How far do the things that make us human affect the way we see and interact with a brand? The answer is… infinitely.

The human experience should be the major driving force for brands and marketers. But in a digital era of AI, bots and data, is it being forgotten?

Campaign’s Jeremy Lee speaks to Green Room's Fraser Warren, Kantar TNS' Tim Pritchard and Style Psychology's Kate Nightingale to get to the heart of the issues. How can we create more sensory experiences, customer service and personalisation throughout the customer journey? Can technology intensify and add to the human experience?

The environment in which brands operate today is moving exponentially, leaving them with less control than ever. The good news? Less control can actually mean more opportunity. Brands must work out whether they are propelling their brand, if someone else is propelling it – or both. Download this infographic, in partnership with WE Communications to reveal the findings of our study- Brands In Motion.
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