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Sponsorship report - Is official dead?

Multiple technological advances, changes in consumer behaviour and the ensuing marketing methodologies have transformed the sponsorship industry landscape.

The traditional rights-for-cash sponsorship model has been disrupted, with brands not needing an official connection to fully exploit and command significant consumer mind share around an event.

Yet, many major brands still see the value in signing official deals.

This expert report, in partnership with ESA, explores how the official sponsorship model is changing and what marketers may have to consider in order to take advantage of these changes. We’ll uncover:

  • How the rise of Generation C has turned the traditional broadcast business model on its head
  • The creative opportunities unofficial sponsorship can present to engage fans in real-time
  • How to leverage privileges as an official sponsor by utilising the new arsenal of technologies available

What are the biggest problems marketers face when it comes to creating effective social media content - and getting ROI? Tune in to learn the answer to this question and discover the importance of content quality. 

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    Moses Velasco Chief Product Evangelist, Socialbakers
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    Edward Craig Head of Content Labs, Haymarket Media
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    Dan Di Federico Global Head of Social Media, Philips

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