The brand conflict model

How to discover your own brand story

What’s your brand story? Not sure?

Here’s a simple way to work out what it is.

In this short film, storytelling agency Lemon Scented Tea will reveal the model it uses to uncover every brand’s story. So you can use it too. For free.

Give us three minutes of your time. You can thank us later.

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Storytelling is an advertising buzzword. But before you can tell a brilliant story, you need a brilliant story to tell. Powerful advertising and marketing relies on a compelling brand story that draws people in - and makes them care. What if you don’t know what the brand story is? How do you create one?

Amsterdam based storytelling agency Lemon Scented Tea has developed a Brand Conflict Model derived from the ancient and universal storytelling structure used in stories from the Bible to James Bond. The model delves into the essence of a brand, unearthing what makes it tick, what it is fighting for and what drives it.

This is the starting point for all aspects of the brand’s communication, from internal comms to advertising and innovation.

So, if you’re sitting comfortably…

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