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Future Fit 2018: How brands can capitalise on the new sports marketing opportunity

As a new era of sports marketing emerges, marketers have to throw out the old rule book and bring a new creativity to campaigns. With both the role of sports within consumers’ lives and the traditional sports sponsorship model in the midst of seismic transformation, the opportunities for brands are growing in both scale and complexity.

The first in a series of in-depth online reports examining key industry trends and business sectors, Future Fit 2018 reviews the emerging opportunities in sports marketing. It combines brand insights from some of the most innovative campaigns, interviews with key players plus extensive research and valuable analysis.

This report will cover:

  • The future of the fan and what it means for brands when fans are in the driving seat
  • The implications of new technology from connected stadiums to virtual reality
  • The evolution of content #squads and the stories and platforms forging meaningful connections with consumers
  • The true influencers in sports marketing Grassroots growth and its impact
  • Micro- opportunities most ripe for growth, such as women’s sport and esports

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  1. Chapter 1: New Sporting Horizons

    “Gaming is going to overtake mainstream sports in a few years and brands need to be ready to become a part of that.” Luke D’Arcy, president, Momentum Worldwide UK

  2. Chapter 2:  The Future of the Fan

    “We are unashamedly American, in that we’re commercial. We put cameras on everyone” Lindsey Eckhouse, Director of Sponsorship, National Football League

  3. Chapter 3: Redefining Grassroots

    “The idea of the 'sports hero' is shifting: Spencer Owen from Hashtag United is much more accessible and a more relatable spokesperson for the sport as opposed to the traditional famous celebrity footballer such as Ronaldo.” Michael Clarkson, Brand manager, Catapult Sports

  4. Chapter 4:  The opportunity in women’s sports

    “We hope we are really breaking some ground here. Being the first female-focused brand is a really big deal but we see it as the first step. A women’s team being recognised in their own right is important, but just the beginning” Hannah Lally, Media Lead, Avon

  5. Chapter 5: Beyond Athleisure

    “It’s almost an alternative to a bottle of wine. I’m not saying people aren’t having wine, but we’re seeing a lot of people doing something physical to release stress.” Lucy L’Anson, communications director at Mongoose Sport & Entertainment

  6. Conclusion: Campaign Takeaways

    “Brands must be bold and tuck in to this brilliant world of new commercial opportunities, not slavishly devote themselves to what went on before” James Kirkham, head of Copa90

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