Why we want your feedback

First, thanks for taking the time to find out more about why Campaign is asking for your feedback. 

Readers visit Campaign for a number of reasons, whether it's to keep up with accounts won (and lost) or the biggest hires or to get behind the story with in-depth analysis. 

But you might also be here for reasons that aren't accurately described by the labels Campaign applies to its content. Yet those reasons may be equally or more important than simply keeping up to date. Perhaps you're using Campaign content for a different purpose – for example researching a competitor, or an acquisition target. 

You might also be here looking for something Campaign doesn’t currently provide. 

It's hugely beneficial for Campaign to understand why you're here. Campaign would like to develop its online experience around your needs.

What we do with your feedback

Once you have responded to the poll question, Campaign can associate that response with the data from your visit to understand how you used our site to get to your end goal.

There are two things Campaign can then focus on once we've understood your key motive for visiting us:

Where you are looking for something that Campaign knows it can provide you with, it can look to make that experience quicker and more efficient.

Where Campaign doesn’t provide what you are looking for, it can investigate potential solutions to those needs and validate whether building something to meet them adds real value to our users. 


If you want further information on how we handle your data, you will find full details in our Privacy Notice.