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About Ogilvy

At Ogilvy we make brands matter. We make them matter for years, for quarters and for right now. Some marketeers and commentators believe brands no longer matter in the era of more channel fragmentation, micro-targeting, technology, and perfect data. But we believe that brands have never mattered more as beacons of trust and identity for consumers. We are a team of brilliant, creative problem-solvers who believe there’s nothing we can’t achieve together, for our clients and for each other.

If that sounds like somewhere you want to be, read on…

Our Values:

At the heart of everything we do are our core values, our DNA, those beliefs that make us part of Ogilvy. We have a set of five values that we expect everybody in the agency to sign up to. It’s not a set of rules, but it is a set of beliefs about how we go about our daily lives that we think helps set expectations of the kind of partners we look for.

Divine Discontent:
We are never satisfied

Relentless Curiosity:
Just try it

Adaptive Connection:
Everyone matters, embrace difference

Pervasive Creativity: 
Put creativity first

Eternal Craft:
Care about every detail

Our 2019 Objectives

Simply put, 2019 we will focus on growth. Growth for our clients and our people. When we achieve these, we will grow our business.

1. BE ONE OGILVY: Work as one creative company

2. BE INCLUSIVE & DIVERSE: In the way we work, listen, act and solve problems

3. BE FAMOUS AND FEARED: Deliver the most impactful work

4. BE OPEN: Partner with the best of the best

5. BE FREE: Achieve the freedom to manage our business

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